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Raising a child also means educating them, helping them learn the rules of life necessary to live harmoniously with others in the communities we live in, and most importantly, helping them become independent adults. In addition to these aspects, in this category we also talk about kindergarten and school.

Montessori beds for the child’s autonomy

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

The Montessori bed allows the boy or girl to move independently in the room, without having to call the parents, perhaps crying, to overcome the obstacle of barriers

Children and skiing

Giacomo Tofolpediatrician

The practice of winter sports is very complete, as it involves the entire muscles of the body, and also allows children to spend a few hours in completely uncontaminated environments.

The function of history in mental development

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Children lying in bed listening to a story from their parents

When we describe an experience through a story, the child, even a young one, perceives the emotional core of the experience itself: he recognizes it through a precise empathic emotional resonance, almost as if he had that experience himself.

When children lie

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Child in front of a batch of cookies

Face-saving lies, protective lies, self-indulgent lies: people lie for many different reasons, the psychoanalyst explains who and suggests how to act

Sex education: what does it mean?

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

The sexuality represented in the statue of Love and Psyche

Discussing sexuality with children often gets adults into trouble. Psychoanalyst Paolo Roccato explains to us why it is important to overcome embarrassments and fears and to educate our children immediately in a peaceful relationship with sexuality

Play in the learning process

Giovanni Sapuccidirector of CEIS

Studies show that free and socialized play has an important and fundamental function in the development of cognitive, creative and relational skills

Children and competitive sports

Franco Panizonpediatrician and teacher

Children and competitive sports: how to behave? Franco Panizon explains what to look out for and how to act during the physical activity of the little ones

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