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Raising a child also means educating them, helping them learn the rules of life necessary to live harmoniously with others in the communities we live in, and most importantly, helping them become independent adults. In addition to these aspects, in this category we also talk about kindergarten and school.

Children and advertising: stereotypes, risks and resources

Cosimo Di Barieducator

Children’s product companies are increasingly using specific marketing strategies to create highly engaging and effective advertisements. Supporting the development of a critical understanding of the media from an early age therefore becomes an important task for parents

Learn by playing between 0 and 18 months

Anna Oliverio Ferrarispsychologist and psychotherapist

It's crawling baby

The child is intrigued by the world around him, explores it step by step and feels satisfaction as he learns its characteristics, effects and cause-effect relationships

Reopening schools: what the studies say

Sergio Conti Nibalipediatrician and scientific advisor to Uppa

Little girl seen from behind with a backpack on her shoulders

The closure of schools at the time of the outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy was justified by the limited information available on how the virus spread. Recent studies, however, show that the role of children in transmission is not very important and prompts us to reconsider the need for this containment measure

Touches and caresses, good bases for harmonious development

Rosario Monterossopsychologist and psychotherapist

Touching and caressing between mother and baby

Within the parent-child relationship, caressing and affectionate touch seem to have a special significance compared to other relational practices. Recent studies, in fact, demonstrate that tactile stimuli of an emotional nature are sent to the brain through specific pathways

The possibilities of distance education

Elena Ravazoloeducator

A child attending distance learning courses

Distance education has tested both families and teachers, who have found themselves experiencing this new situation from two different angles. These views should be incorporated in order to realize the potential of the instrument and limit its disadvantages.

By making mistakes you learn: the discovery of error

Elena Ravazoloeducator

The feet of the child at the feet of the parents

For Maria Montessori the meaning of autonomy is found in the expression “Help me to do it myself”, where “Help me” does not mean “Substitute yourself for me”, but, rather, “I need to know that you are by my side” .

Children, school and sociality in “phase 2”

Anna Rita Longocommunication scientist

close-up of little girl from behind with backpack

Children have been particularly affected by the health crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic: their social spaces, starting at school, were very limited and their fears and concerns were not always taken seriously. Let’s see how we can help them deal with “phase 2”

What does it mean to educate?

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

mother and little girl playing together on the carpet

Maria Montessori revolutionized the figure of the educator, encouraging the questioning of the traditional role of the authoritarian adult, “former” of the child, in favor of an educational model that allows the child to grow as autonomously, guided and accompanied as possible. discoveries and conquests

Discover the world without fear

Elena Ravazoloeducator

The child takes the parent's hand

In his first moments a child needs to feel safe but, at the same time, to do things on his own. The adult’s task is to take care of safety: to guide him with his voice, to encourage him, to reassure him, to leave him free to try

Movement during quarantine

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

Children look out the window during quarantine

Not all families have a garden or outdoor space and during the quarantine this factor can penalize the physical activity of many children. See how to encourage the movement of our children even inside the house

Risk perception and prevention: what will change?

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist

Close-up of a child pouring soap into a parent's hands

The COVID-19 epidemic has presented us with a completely new situation, which will affect our future perception of risk and the idea of ​​prevention. We try to make it an opportunity to promote the protection of individual and collective health with our children

Imperfect parents?

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist

Mother and child from behind after a fight

Expressing our feelings authentically during a difficult time of change is one way to teach children the value of empathy, which will help them manage relationships even after the health emergency is over.

Verification and assessment in distance education

Anna Rita Longocommunication scientist

Little girl writing and watching distance learning on the computer

In recent weeks there has been much debate about whether and how to assess the preparation of children and young people during distance education. Let’s take stock of the situation together

COVID-19: Can we talk about death with children?

Chiara Borgiaeditor of Uppa magazine

Close up of a little girl hugging her mother tightly

In our society, talking about death with children is almost taboo, yet it is an important topic, even more so in these days of the pandemic. Let’s look at how we can help our children deal with and process grief.

Ordering and planning in the age of coronavirus

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

The child helps tidy up the house

In a moment like the one we are experiencing, forced indoors due to the coronavirus emergency, it is important to start putting things in order and planning our days, activities that reassure and guide not only the children but also the parents.

Explaining war to children

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist

A mother talking to a little girl to explain something

Children inevitably come into contact with violent and dramatic images that narrate wars and humanitarian tragedies in various corners of the world. How to talk to them about such painful and terrifying events?

Talking about the coronavirus with children

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist And Sergio Conti Nibalipediatrician and scientific advisor to Uppa

Parents talking to children

In a time of fear and uncertainty due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it is important to talk to our children to explain what is happening and help them live peacefully during this time.

INVALSI tests, between limits and opportunities

Anna Rita Longocommunication scientist

Arm of a student taking the INVALSI tests

The INVALSI tests, introduced in the 2005-2006 school year, are often the focus of criticism and controversy. We try to clarify the goals that have been set, the results achieved so far and the critical issues that need to be resolved

The Montessori method, what it is and how it works

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

Materials of the Montessori method

What does the Montessori method consist of? First of all, when we talk about Maria Montessori, we should be talking about a philosophy and not an educational method. Let’s see why

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