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Raising a child also means educating them, helping them learn the rules of life necessary to live harmoniously with others in the communities we live in, and most importantly, helping them become independent adults. In addition to these aspects, in this category we also talk about kindergarten and school.

How to choose a safe car seat? A word to the experts

Valentina Murelliscience journalist

To answer the questions of parents wondering how to choose a safe seat, we asked a CYBEX safety expert to answer some questions and explore the potential damages of an accident with pediatrician Paolo Moretti.

Eating disorders in adolescence: how to recognize and intervene

Vanessa Candelapsychologist specializing in neuroscience and neuropsychological rehabilitation

eating disorders in adolescence

Symptoms are usually hidden or denied by the adolescent and may vary depending on the type of disorder. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating.

Depression in adolescence, how to recognize it and deal with it

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist

depressed teenage girl

Instead of symptoms of depression in adolescence, it is more correct to talk about alarm bells that should lead parents to observe better, to listen to their children without tormenting them and without first predicting the word depression.

Bullying at school: how to recognize incidents and intervene

Raffaele Mantegazzaeducator

girl who was bullied at school

The approach to bullying in schools must first of all find a balance between direct intervention to protect the victim and the ability not to rely exclusively on punitive logic when it comes to bullies. But the prevention of this phenomenon remains fundamental

Is homework really useful?

Marica Nottephilosopher and ISTC CNR researcher And Federico Marolapediatrician And Daniela Renzipsychotherapist and ISTC CNR researcher

the child does the homework

The key point of the debate about the “right” amount of homework and the hours to be devoted to study is also linked to the question of the actual effectiveness of the work intended as a tool for completing and deepening school learning and for strengthening the student’s personal skills.

Teenage behaviors or “problems”?

Raffaele Mantegazzaeducator

Dealing with teenagers is not always easy for adults, also because this relationship always brings back memories of youth. So how do you deal with teenage problems (whether they’re real or not)? What to do when faced with youth behavior that is not always read?

Traveling with children: what to pack?

Christina Serrabiologist and science journalist

mother and child travel by train

Traveling with small children can be tiring or, conversely, turn into one of the most fun experiences of life. Every family unit can find its own dimension of vacation, as long as you have everything you need with you and don’t ask too much of the children

Parental control: what it’s for and why it’s so important

Cosimo Di Barieducator

Mother explains to little girl how parental control works

Both online and offline, the parent should not “supervise” but observe what the child is doing. The best form of parental control is actually to accompany the little one in critical moments, making him gain confidence and making him responsible while using the devices

What are the safest car seats?

Christina Serrabiologist and science journalist

The baby sleeps in a safe car seat

Not only the list of the safest car seats of 2022, according to crash tests, but also the ways to evaluate and choose a safe and suitable seat for your child

Adolescence: when it begins and what changes it entails

Maria Luisa Zuccolopediatrician And Mariana Callegaripediatrician

Mother and teenage daughter

Adolescence involves several changes, both physical and behavioral, that lead boys and girls to transition from children to adults. A delicate moment, which parents and children must face consciously

Learning tower: what it is, what it’s for, and when to recommend it

Margherita VitaliMontessori teacher

child with dad in learning tower

In Italy the learning tower is also known as the Montessori learning tower, although it does not actually belong to this pedagogy which, on the contrary, provides an environment adapted to the height of the child.

Montessori school: how it works and how it differs

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

Children in the classroom of a Montessori school

In the Montessori school, the environment is carefully prepared and each child independently chooses the activities to carry out. The adult, on the other hand, observes the group, addresses the children using rich and sophisticated language, knows where to place himself in the space so as not to disturb and at the same time support, direct or charm the little ones.

Steinerian pedagogy: what is it and what are the principles of education?

Rossana Rebellatoeducator and consultant

Children at a Steiner school

At the heart of the Steiner school’s educational options is always the development of the child and young person. The same applies to Montessori schools, but less so to state public schools which, although based on valid guidelines, must also respond to other factors

Parent education: what it is, who it’s for and what it’s for

Erika Melandrispsychologist and psychotherapist

mother talks to angry son

It is an intervention to support parenting in complex situations, often complementary to an intervention for the child. The goal is to provide parents with the necessary tools to recognize their child’s needs and emotional signals and respond appropriately

Is your child’s school canteen of good quality?

Chiara Borgiaeditor of Uppa magazine And Federica Buglioninutrition education specialist And Claudia Paltrinieridirector of Foodinsider

the children eat in the school canteen

How can you tell if your child’s canteen is of good quality? Chiara Borgia talked about it with Federica Buglioni, food education writer, and Claudia Paltrinieri, director of Foodinsider

How to choose high school

Vanessa Nearyeducator

teenagers after choosing high school

When choosing a high school, the same pitfalls that families experience when choosing an elementary school come into play again. In the meantime, the children have grown up, it is true, but the difficulty is the same: you have the feeling that you are making a decision on which their future will depend

Montessori panels: what they are and for what purpose

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

child plays with Montessori panel

The DIY Montessori board must be made of durable material, of good aesthetic quality, and have a color sequence. It can be offered to a child between the ages of about 15 and 24 months, obviously after assessing their interest and level of manual dexterity

How to apply the Montessori method at home

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

child playing in montessori house

Some tips to help parents choose how to arrange the furniture, what attention they should pay to ensure safety and promote the independence of the little one and what activities they can imagine inside the spaces of the house

What is a daycare center and how does it work?

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

children in daycare

In general, nurseries and parenting schools follow a specific pedagogical orientation. In our country, more and more realities are emerging inspired by Steiner pedagogy, Montessori pedagogy, libertarian and democratic education and forest pedagogy

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