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Raising a child also means educating them, helping them learn the rules of life necessary to live harmoniously with others in the communities we live in, and most importantly, helping them become independent adults. In addition to these aspects, in this category we also talk about kindergarten and school.

School is not a competition

Daniele Novaraeducator

What is the best way to learn in school? Certainly not the competition. Our studies and scientific knowledge show that children learn best by working together and learning from their mistakes

Guide to using technology for ages 0 to 6

Daniele Novaraeducator

Small child in front of a smartphone

Respect for life’s transitions is important. Here are some actionable pointers for dealing with the challenges digital technology poses for younger children

Montessori and the furniture that helps you grow

Elga Albarellajournalist

Child in Montessori school

The management of school spaces is also an “educational” factor. In a Montessori school the space is divided into work areas and the child can freely move from one to the other according to his preferences

Children who bite: how to behave

Paola Cosolo Maragontrainer and educational consultant

Child biting mother's nose

It is important to help parents and teachers understand this normal, fleeting phenomenon, which is definitely related to a certain phase of the child’s development

Design is not an intelligence test

Louisa MorassiPsychologist

Close up of a child's painting

Learning to draw requires the development of complex interactive processes and different skills, which proceed at different times for each child

The Montessori transfusion, a game that children like

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

The child plays by making shelves with his hands

Maria Montessori’s shelves are one of the favorite activities of young children, who thanks to the repetitive action manage to consolidate their skills and abilities, a real synaptic strengthening

Maria Montessori and the child-friendly home

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

Montessori room suitable for children

To give the child the opportunity to move freely and safely, we need to rethink the spaces and the furniture. A child-friendly home benefits everyone: it makes children more independent and parents more peaceful

Crying and colic, instructions for use

Constantine Panchapediatrician neonatologist

The child is crying

What are the remedies for crying newborns? We talk about it, between medicine and anthropology, with pediatrician Costantino Panza

Adolescence: not only conflicts between parents and children

Giuseppe Sparnaccipsychotherapist

A teenager talks to his father, without confrontation

Is typical adolescent conflict biologically determined? It is actually more of a socio-cultural construct that can be weakened if approached without prejudice

Kindergarten: fundamental in the child’s development

Daniele Novaraeducator

Children playing in a kindergarten

Attending kindergarten is an important opportunity for children, with positive effects on future school outcomes and personal fulfillment. The teacher explains it to us

Homework: should children be helped?

Daniele Novaraeducator

The child colors a drawing

If children need help with homework, it should be given as much as possible, but it is wrong to replace it

Kindergarten is good, very good indeed

Sonia Bozziauthor

Hands of a child playing in kindergarten

An American study published in 2011 verifies the relationship between a preschool education program and the health status of adults who benefited from the project as children

Technology without limits: the iPad porta potty

Tiziana Cherubingraphic designer and atelier

A product created with the desire to simplify the lives of parents by helping them keep their children in the jar, but which risks becoming an annihilation station for the little ones

The use of violence in education

Constantine Panchapediatrician neonatologist

The little girl curled up on the couch

Studies show that using corporal punishment as a learning style leads to a greater likelihood of anxiety, depression, mood and esteem disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, personality disorders in adulthood

Children and rules: how to teach them to respect them?

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Little girl moving chess and learning the rules

Parents must be able to help the child understand the rules that regulate common life, so that he internalizes and respects them. Let’s see how

A kindergarten that really educates

Giovanni Sapuccidirector of CEIS

children draw together at school

The school must work so that the boys and girls who attend it achieve visible developmental goals in three fundamental aspects: identity, autonomy and competence.

ADHD: A lively child is not sick

Daniele Novaraeducator

Children's grimaces

The tendency to seek ever earlier diagnoses is spreading to school. Too often this becomes a way to lure the student into a tool of no return

Montessori school goes beyond digital

Daniele Novaraeducator

The child plays with the Montessori sensory materials

To insist on digital school is to foreshadow the uselessness of school: if what matters is the connection to a tablet, a video screen or any digital medium, soon it may no longer be necessary to physically go to school

Infant masturbation: a pleasure that does no harm

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Bare legs of a lying child, depicting infantile masturbation

Children discover quite early the pleasure that genitals can offer. It is part of the normal process of self-awareness, child masturbation should not be banned and demonized

Children and sport: frequently asked questions

Stefano Gorinifamily pediatrician

Many parents wonder how to choose a sport for their children, what to look for and what kind of physical activity to offer young children. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

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