What’s the solution of DNS server not responding?

DNS server not responding
Dns server not responding

If you face Dns server not responding then here you can find your desired solution.  A DNS (Domain Name System) is the name resolution protocol for TCP / IP networks. 

The users ‘and clients’ computers query a DNS server to resolve alphanumeric DNS names that correspond to an IP address.  The DNS server takes over the literal function of the translation.  The client queries a URL and the server collects that URL as a name and understands or translates it as an IP. 

This is the address required to establish the connection.  For users and Internet usage in general, it would be very expensive and complex to search the various addresses using their corresponding IP addresses, which is why a DNS is available.

One of the most common mistakes is that DNS may not respond.  In these cases, the computer issues the “DNS server not responding” error.  When this error occurs, it can be due to various problems such as user connection, DNS server failure on which we request a website, or simply errors in the configuration or system. 

The biggest problem that occurs when this error occurs is that the website we request not displayed, so we have no access to it and this server or request may be down DNS In all other cases, there are several possible solutions to the DNS not responding problem:

Fixing the error of DNS server not responding 

Dns server not responding

Trying to fix the error by disabling the firewall is one possible solution.  The firewall is configuring to block access for certain internal users. Changing the configuration can solve the DNS problem.

Trying to use a different browser may be one of the easiest and quickest solutions.  It may be the browser proxy settings that changing this fixes the problem.

The most common measure is that always has to be taken in the event of network and connection problems is to switch the router or the connection point on and off.  This simple measure can solve the problem for us.

  Try to connect another method to solve “DNS server not responding”

Sometimes the same system or device that tries to connect can also be the cause of the problem. 

If you are on the same network, you should try connecting to other methods to determine if it is a system problem and not a browser or connection problem. Because the DNS servers use the cache, it is sometimes out of date and prevents connections. 

It needs to renew using a command at the command prompt to make it work properly: The command to use is: “IP config.

Change the DNS server Configuration 

 Another solution to the error is to change the DNS server configuration by manually adding two IPs, a preferred ( and an alternative ( to our system’s TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) configuration enter.  This way, we connect to an Open DNS open-source service and the problem solved.

The error can also be causes by additional connections that Windows or other operating systems can install and not used. To optimize the connections and avoid these problems, any connection that not used regularly should be deactivated. 

One of the main causes of DNS errors in Windows operating systems is the presence of the “Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter.”  You need to disable it in “Network Connections” to solve the problem.

Start your computer in Safe mode

 One last possible solution is to start our computer in “safe mode.”  With this type of start, only the essential files loaded. Therefore, we can determine if another program or service is causing the problem.

As we have seen, there is a common error when surfing the Internet that offers many solutions.  In this situation, it is best to evaluate all possible solutions and try to apply the measures depending on the complexity of the individual solutions

And as always, and almost everything in life, you use the trial error method so we apply solutions until we can fix the error.

You should secure your DNS Server

The acronym DNS (Domain Name System) refers to the standard technology system for managing names on websites, services, computers or resources that connected to the Internet or via a private network. 

This system links information to domain names assigned to each user. One of the key elements of DNS is that there is a collection of DNS servers. In addition to the addresses of the various computers (IP) connected to the Internet, DNS servers also have a database with network names. 

Simply put, you could think of the DNS server as a phone book that you can use to find someone’s phone (IP) by name (DNS).

Some of the key features of DNS security are:

  •   A DNS server uses a feature that enabled by default and called recursion.  This causes the server to perform various recursive queries on behalf of the clients and DNS servers that have forwarded the client’s queries.  In this phase, the attacker can use recursion to deny the DNS server service.
  •   Another point of attack can be the root of the DNS.  Through servers that point not only to the DNS servers where the root domain resides, but also to the “public” part of the Internet, we send private information over the network when domain names resolved.  It is therefore recommend to configure the root only for internal servers and not for the Internet.
  • Caching problems also occur when most DNS servers save the results of their queries before sending the response to the server that performed the query.  This means that if the cache is in any way “contaminate” with malicious websites, it can be pass on to different users. Therefore, we have to try to configure the DNS server to avoid this “contamination”.

Final word

In other words, if you reach this point and can navigate correctly on a website again, the server is already responding normally.

If you still cannot navigate at this time, we recommend contacting your ISP so they can help you, or a computer technician if this is specific to your PC or network from which you are connecting produce.

What was your experience when the DNS server did not respond correctly? I hope you are finding the solution of Dns server not responding.  If you know of an alternative way to fix this error, which is not list here, submit it using the comment form below.

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