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THEDo you have little or none at home and your skin is begging for a shock treatment? An expert make-up artist explained the secret to us and now we can’t do without it.

The secret to a good one DIY face mask last minute with personalized results? If you have a big night ahead of you and your desire is stunning skin and long-lasting makeup, what we’re about to reveal will become your favorite pre-party trick to prep your face.

The good news is that you don’t need any weird ingredients and you don’t need to raid the fridge to make your own face mask, but you only need 2 things: a toner and some tissue or cotton.

DIY moisturizing face mask

The secret to a DIY face mask you are going to optimize the benefits you can get from your tonic/essence. Simone Belli, National Makeup Artist at L’Oréal Paris, suggests first putting some toner in a container with an atomizer, then take a tissue paper (if it has several layers, separate them) and place it on your face. Now spray the toner to completely soak the tissue, adhere well and let it rest on the face for a few minutes.

DIY Soothing Face Mask

Just as you can choose to use a toner or a moisturizer, you can do the same with a soothing whenever there is redness on the face, for DIY mask that’s both a summer post-exposure treatment and a winter cold treat.

For the soothing mask, Belli offers two options. The first is to mix the tonic with a little milk and soak a towel (the small, square ones) and then put it in the fridge to cool: this way summer relief is guaranteed.

In winter, when we don’t like to come into contact with things that are too cold, we can soak cotton pads and then place them on the critical areas, letting them rest.

DIY face mask for pores

The statements made earlier also apply if you want to make a mask to shrink pores, but in this case you will use an astringent tonic.

The great thing about these masks is that they can be done on the go by bringing along tissues or a container that you can fill with toner so you have them ready to go.

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