Discovering the highest city in Italy: do you know where it is?

Livigno, known as the “Little Tibet” of the Alps, is a destination that fascinates every visitor thanks to its unspoiled nature and famous ski slopes. This place, however, boasts another record. His fraction Three ballswith 2069 meters above sea level, it is the highest city in Italy, even surpassing Sestriere, “stopped” at 2035 meters above sea level. So find out what to see in Livigno and in its environment.

What to do in Livigno in one day: the historic center

If you only have one day to explore Livigno, you can start your visit from Old town, and specifically the famous Via Plan. Here you can admire the traditional architecture and go shopping. It then continues to the church of San Rocco, in the style of the seventeenth century.

Also worth a visit MOUSSE!, or the Livigno and Trepalle Museum. The exhibition route is designed to introduce visitors to local history and traditions. Although a little far from the center, also visit the Livigno Dairywith a nice shop and some workshops where you can see the dairy production process.

Finally, in the center of Livigno it is also convenient to buy local products, souvenirs or gifts for friends and family, as those who shop here are are exempt from paying VAT.

Skiing in Livigno: facilities and costs

The ski slopes in Livigno it is one of the most beautiful in Valtellina. Here, in fact, you can practice different disciplines, from alpine skiing to snowboarding. Another feature that distinguishes this location is The sun which often occurs on winter days. Livigno boasts, then, 31 ski lifts and 115 kilometers of pistesdivided with increasing difficulty.

As with any site, you can buy one day, multi-day or seasonal ski pass. The cost of the pass obviously depends on the day and generally ranges from 45 to 60 euros. But a seasonal one will cost 910 for adults. Offers are always active for children, teenagers and seniors.

What to do in Livigno for non-skiers?

Although Livigno is known for its ski slopes and winter sports, it offers a range of alternative activities for those who prefer different types of entertainment. First, you can walk the trails with snowshoes on your feet, even with qualified instructors.

For those looking for a bit of wellness, Livigno offers spas and thermal baths where you can relax and rejuvenate after a day outdoors. The culinary traditions Local restaurants, then, represent another attraction: restaurants and lodges offer typical dishes to taste, always accompanied by good wine.

Livigno in summer: walks and excursions

Summer in Livigno turns into a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. The mild climate and long days invite you to explore the numerous trails that wind between the imposing peaks and crystal clear lakes.

  • For example, visit the Lake Livignoa true jewel nestled in the mountains, where there are also many possibilities for water sports.
  • For his fans cyclingLivigno offers breathtaking routes for both mountain and road bikes.
  • You can also spend a few days on golf: here are clubs suitable for both experienced golfers and those who want to learn.
  • And for those looking for a more relaxing activity, one walk to the center of Livigno is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city, among characteristic shops and welcoming cafes.

Bernina train: timetables and prices

Another attraction not to be missed is the Bernina train. It connects Tirana with St. Moritz, Switzerland. In addition, since 2008 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terminal is Tirano, reachable approx in an hour’s drive from Livigno. Before you leave, check the timetables, which change according to the season.

also prices they vary depending on the time of year, but, in general, it costs about 64 Swiss francs for a round trip in second class and 112 in first class. But those who wish to travel with the panoramic train will pay extra.

Livigno with the family: what to do with children

Visiting Livigno with children is an exciting experience, both in summer and winter. During the colder season, there are Playground for the whole family where they can learn to ski with maximum safety. Alternatively, the Aquagranda water center offers swimming pools and water games that will guarantee fun and relaxation for adults and children.

Livigno is also the perfect place to get the little ones excited walks: there are well-marked routes and paths also suitable for children. Without, therefore, considering the myriad of activities that can be done on the lake.

What to see around Livigno

In the surrounding area of ​​Livigno there are many fascinating mountain villages worth visiting, enriching your holiday in the area.

  • It is located a short distance away Bormio, famous for its spas and ski slopes. This picturesque mountain town is also known for its well-preserved historic center and spectacular Alpine scenery.
  • Tirana is another nearby jewel, famous for its UNESCO heritage railway station, but also for its beautiful centre.
  • Livigno is also nearby Swiss National Parkwhere nature lovers can explore a variety of trails and admire the flora and fauna of the Alps.

Living in Livigno

Livigno is a place where nature is unspoiled and there are things to do all year round. This makes it the perfect place to decide movement or spend your vacation. With idealista you can find out all the information about the area and choose the house that best suits your interests:

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