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doWhat do you have to do with the hair that covers your body? Do you love them, hate them, tolerate them, or couldn’t you be more indifferent about it? No matter what your group is, reading here could be food for thought. And if you hate hair, we find the best method for you and your needs.

Let’s start with a hypothesis. All that will be said below hair removal it is free from any bias, so you can answer the question calmly what do you have to do with waxing and hair removal?

Therefore, hair removal is only an aesthetic factor you don’t like hair and want to eliminate even the last hair bulbor take the matter lightly, in the sense that you shave if necessarybut don’t you make it a matter of life and death and give up nothing even if a few hairs peek out here and there?

Not only. Is shaving (or choosing not to) a personal choice or do you see it as an imposition because you fear the judgment of others? With hair removal there is often a relationship i hate you i love you, there are those who experience it as a hug and those as a social imposition, but also among those who experience mixed feelings, one thing is certain. The only things we want from hair removal method selected is that it is easy, fast and effectivethen it doesn’t matter if we prefer it razor, epilation, depilatory cream, epilator, pulsed light or even laser.

Internal hair removal

Caution. The issue does not only concern women in general, but increasingly affects XY carriers as well. A survey conducted byEumetra Institute of Social Research and Marketing, sponsored by Braun, shows how men’s and women’s attitudes towards hair removal have changed. If on the one hand there is greater transparency and acceptance of the woman who chooses not to shave (36% of respondents), still only 16% believe it is acceptable not to shave shave your bikini area.

According to the psychologist Ilaria Albano, “intimate hair removal is the most subtle, because it touches the psychological sphere of choices, as it is deeply connected and intrinsically connected to the sexual sphere of each person, which is why in this case too the freedom of choice is uniform. more important and must be free from all prejudice’.

Male hair removal

Now that the taboo that not shaving is a sign of greater virility has fallen (shaving was once the prerogative of gays and straights), it turns out that 67% of GenZ men shave. And we are not talking about shaving, but also body and narrow area shaving and to do this, even in these cases, the same methods that women use apply: razor, wax and even pulsed light.

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Depilation or depilation?

Before proceeding to the advantages of the method, let us first clarify the exact terms to be used. Depilation means cutting the hairso is it what is done with a razor, depilatory cream or with shortening devices? Epilation, on the other hand, means tearing the hair from the roottherefore it is used for waxing, electric hair removal and also for laser and pulsed light.

Waxing inevitably takes less time than waxing, but it is undoubtedly cheaper and faster. Hair removal methods vary in cost and time, so it depends on whether you use do-it-yourself methods or rely on a beautician or doctor in the case of laser, and possibly the device you use, because obviously there are options for all budgets.

Hair removal with a razor

The razor blade it is the cheapest method on the face of the earth and among the advantages we have undoubtedly the fact that it is also fast and practical, because you can shave wherever you want and whenever you want, without having to keep deadlines or appointments, it is painless and you can use it in armpits, groin and legs without discrimination. And then, with the right preparation beforehand and the right precautions in the post-hair removal phase, even the ingrown hairs they become just a memory. Of course, the hair grows back faster than with waxing, but it’s something you always take into account.

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Hair removal

One of the most widespread and, let’s say, painful methods, because it does not cut the hair, but removes the bulb. Definitely fast and quick (especially if the beautician does it, because tearing off the epilation strips yourself takes a lot of courage), epilation leaves the skin smooth for at least 3 weeks in the most unfortunate cases. The downside is that you have regular beautician appointments in your calendar and you can’t shave between waxings or you risk the hair not being long enough. That being said, waxing is great for legs, arms, bikini lines and in some cases even underarms.

When it comes to groin hair removal, you can choose how much you want to remove: there are those who are content with removing the bare minimum, as long as the hair doesn’t come out of the suit, and those who want it complete, which means tearing the hair between the buttocks.

Brazilian waxing

When we talk about Brazilian hair removal we mean the method and not the amount of hair removed from the bikini area. Brazilian hair removal differs from classic hair removal because it is done at lower temperatures and does not use hair removal strips, which makes it much more suitable for those who have folliculitis problems in the groin area. It is generally quite sensitive and therefore a good choice even for those with sensitive skin and sensitive capillaries.

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Electric epilator

The progress made over the years by electric epilators is wonderful. Much less painful and decidedly more sensitive than the first versions, they are now equipped with numerous interchangeable heads so that they can be used on any part of the body, including the groin. The heads then have at least two different lengths and can therefore pluck even the shortest hairs with a small number of passes, thus reducing the possibility of unpleasant irritations.

Among the advantages of using an electric epilator we can say that once the investment is made, it pays off over the years and in addition we have a multi-tasking product in our hands. In addition, we manage the epilator, without the need for an agenda with regular deadlines.

If we really want to find a negative side, it is that sometimes we have to be jerky to get to every hair, because we are at the mercy of ourselves and it is not certain that we can always see everything.

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Pulse light hair removal

As the word suggests, the pulsed light It works through a pulse of light that stimulates melanin and burns the hair bulb. Hair removal with this method can be done both by the beautician and with devices for home use and they all work based on the same concept, but the intensity of the pulse can vary.

However, it does not change the fact that before doing a pulsed light session it is necessary to remove the hair – according to the method you prefer – and that the skin must be nice and smooth (or clean and dry for the face).

However, pulsed light is not a hair removal method that is good for all hair types or all skin types, as it does not recognize blonde or red hair, nor on very tanned or POC skin. The sensor can adjust the intensity of the pulse because it can recognize the skin tone, however it is recommended to stop using it when the skin is tanned, because the delivery of the pulse can be dangerous.

Among the Advantages of pulsed light we can undoubtedly include the fact that it allows permanent results after 4 weeks, in fact for devices for home use the sessions are once a week for at least 4 weeks and up to 12 for the most stubborn hair. but after this time you can also forget about shaving for a long time and at most it will be a monthly maintenance session.

On the other hand, there is the need to be quite conscientious and stable for 3 months, but if you use your device you choose the time and organize yourself according to how comfortable you are, while at the beautician you have to have scheduled appointments. regularly, also because moving the appointment is impossible given extremely busy calendars.

The financial aspect should not be underestimated either. A pulsed light hair removal device is definitely an investment, as are beauty salon sessions, but if ingrown hairs and hair removal are a problem, you know you can fix it practically once and for all.

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The laser

Laser is another method that allows it permanent hair removal, but it can only be used in specialized and certified centers and under the supervision of a doctor. Also in this case the financial investment should not be underestimated, but once again we can talk about investment, especially for those who suffer from folliculitis and other problems resulting from hair removal.

The frequency of sessions can be monthly or bimonthly, depending on the doctor’s opinion, but we must also consider how many and which areas of the body we want to treat with the laser: you will undoubtedly need a nice nest egg, but if razor and hair removal wax isn’t for you, thinking laser could be the turning point you’ve been looking for.

What to do before and after hair removal

Preparing the skin of the face and body before using the razor, waxing or any hair removal method is the first step to the perfect hair removal: the softness of the skin with specific products and the scrub helps to eliminate dead cells and allows the blades to slip. waxing to stick better and prevent ingrown hairs.

But the next phase is equally important. Especially for sensitive areas such as the groin and armpits, the benefits of using gentle products on stressed skin, such as soothing creams or alcohol-free deodorants that reduce the risk of irritation and redness, should not be underestimated.

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