Christmas in Brescia and the surrounding areas: events to experience magical atmospheres

There Province of Brescia, at Christmas time it is a kaleidoscope of lights and flavors.

This time of year transforms the entire province into an enchanted corner where historic squares, downtown streets, ancient villages, and even valleys and lake shores become scenes of festivities.

From Valle Camonica to Lake Garda, passing the capital and small villages, the Province of Brescia transforms into a kaleidoscope of lights, sounds and flavors to discover. Here are all the appointments for Christmas.

Brescia is sparkling at Christmas

Brescia at Christmas

Brescia completes the year 2023, which saw it join Bergamo as Italy’s Capital of Culture, with a series of spectacular events.

There is great anticipation for the White Night on 19 December which marks the culmination of this cultural adventure, with events and performances lighting up the city’s squares.

“Merry Christmas Brescia” is the theme of December, with a program that includes the La Strada winter festival, markets, carols and concerts and the delicious Twins Dinner, a culinary journey through Brescia and international flavors.

Bagolino: The Village of Nativity Scenes


In Valle Sabbia, Bagolino transforms into “Borgo dei Presepi” from December 17th to January 7th.

This unique exhibition sees the villagers engaged in creating over 100 artistic interpretations of the Nativity which are distributed in every corner of the town, creating an enchanted journey between history, art and faith.

Christmas on Lake Garda


On Lake Garda, Christmas is full of magic. Desenzano del Garda hosts the exhibition “The nativity stage: eightocs years of history 1223-2023”, while Sirmione is illuminated with lights and colors with the scenographic choreography of the Scaligero Castle and a series of musical events that bring the historic center to life.

Bienno and the magic of Christmas from past times


Bienno, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, celebrates Christmas with “Natale nel Borgo” from December 8-10: an event that transforms the medieval village into a fair-market of handicrafts, local specialties and sweets, immersed in an atmosphere of traditional songs and bagpipe music.

Walking through the scenes of the birth of Valle Trompia

Live scenes of the Nativity
Live scenes of the Nativity

During the Advent season, the original Nativity celebrations are held in the Trompia Valley starting from Live nativity scene in Valle di Sarezzo which, against a natural background reminiscent of the steep hills of Bethlehem, offers an excellent representation since 1996, with over 30 stations moving with up to 100 characters.

Also worth reaching out to Cain’s Great Mechanical Nativity Scene filled with meticulously mechanically animated characters, devoted to ancient arts, illuminated by the play of hundreds of lights and accompanied by Christmas musicians.

The Nativity scene on the river Mella is set to Marchenofinally, it has permanent stone huts and a scene that takes the scale of the birth of Christ in Bethlehem.

Christmas in Franciacorta: Among vineyards and scenes of the Nativity


Finally, Franciacorta, with its vineyards and Lake Sebino, offers a Christmas dedicated to winemaking tradition and the art of the manger.

Crib exhibitions, markets and the unique experience of the Museum of the Divine Child in the Gardene Riviera complete this Christmas journey in the Brescia region.

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