CCNL Trade net salary: how it is calculated

  • CCNL Commerce, effective from February 1, 2023 to January 31, 2026, regulates labor relations in the industry.
  • THE classification levels at CCNLwhich vary from operational to senior, are crucial to calculating the salary starting from the salary tables.
  • The net salary, resulting from the conversion of the gross salary, is calculated taking into account the basic salary, any additional elements, social security contributions and income taxes.

The CCNL for the trade sector, signed by Conflavoro PMI, Fesica-Confsal and Confsal on January 17, valid from February 1, 2023 to January 31, 2026; regulates labor relations between employers and workers in the industry.

It covers a wide range of professions and roles, which makes it one of the most representative contracts in the Italian labor landscape. In fact, its influence extends far beyond the boundaries of the commercial sector.

The calculation of net salary in CCNL Commerce it can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, such as classification level, applicable tax deductions and other specific elements of the employment contract, but the basis should always be in the salary tables, which we will see later.

CCNL Trade Levels

To arrive at the calculation of the net salary of an employee in this industry, we must first of all consider the CCNL Trade levelswhich structure the careers of employees based on responsibilities, skills and seniority and are fundamental in determining each employee’s salary:

  • cleaning operations (7th level): the seventh level of the CCNL Commerce is specifically intended for workers who perform cleaning or equivalent work.
  • operational level (6th level): This level is typically assigned to operational and support roles, where the responsibilities and skills required are relatively limited. Salaries at these levels are generally lower, reflecting the fewer responsibilities and skills required.
  • intermediate levels (4th, 5th level): Employees at these levels take on roles of greater responsibility, which may include supervising small teams or managing more complex tasks. As the responsibilities increase, so do the payments.
  • higher levels (executives, 1st, 2nd, 3rd level): These levels are intended for positions of high responsibility, such as managers, department managers, or experts with specialized skills. Employees at these levels receive the highest wages under the trade collective bargaining agreement, commensurate with the high level of responsibility and skill required.


CCNL Commerce: pay scale

ccnl net trade salary calculation

Each level provides specified salary range, which is the basis for calculating the gross salary. This amount is then subject to tax and social security deductions to determine the net salary.

Level Minimum wage Contingency allowance Other clues Payment in advance Total salary
Painting 1,896.64 euros 540.37 euros 260.76 euros 52.08 euros 2751.92 euros
1 1,708.49 euros 537.52 euros 0.00 euros 46.92 euros 2,295.00 euros
2 1,477.84 euros 532.54 euros 0.00 euros 40.58 euros 2,059.36 euros
3 1,263.15 euros 527.90 euros 0.00 euros 34.69 euros 1,827.81 euros
4 1,092.46 euros 524.22 euros 0.00 euros 30.00 euros 1,648.75 euros
5 987.01 euros 521.94 euros 0.00 euros 27.10 euros 1,538.12 euros
6 886.11 euros 519.76 euros 0.00 euros 24.33 euros 1,432.27 euros
7 758.64 euros 517.51 ​​euros 5.16 euros 20.83 euros 1,304.31 euros

Career, with Moving to higher levels implies an increase in salary, as it reflects the acquisition of greater skills and responsibilities. But the CCNL also provides that workers can move up the ranks, with salary increases tied to seniority and skill improvement.

CCNL Commerce Net Salary Calculation

Calculating net salary at CCNL Commerce follows a specific process, which involves converting the gross salary, i.e. the total amount of salary before deductions, into net salary, the amount actually received by the employee:

  • We start with the base salary associated with the employee’s classification level.
  • Other elements can be added to the base salary, such as production bonuses, bonuses, overtime compensation and other elements that vary according to the contract and individual working conditions.
  • From the resulting total, we proceed to subtract the social security and welfare contributions, which are a percentage of the gross salary.
  • Income taxes (IRPEF) are then deducted, which are calculated based on income brackets and may vary depending on marital status and other personal tax credits.

After applying these reductions, you get the net salarywhich is the amount the employee actually receives.

CCNL Commerce Net Salary Example

Let’s take a closer look at one CCNL Commerce net salary example, taking into account an employee who is included in the 4th level of the national contract. Let’s start with the basic salary which is 1,092.46 euros per month. To these should be added:

  • Emergency allowance 524.22 euros.
  • advance payment for contractual increases of 30 euros.

So we get the figure of 1,648.75 euros. It should be emphasized that this is a gross total, which therefore includes all taxes, charges and levies. And that in some cases it is possible add amounts due to seniority increases or other bonuses.

From here we have to remove everything about it contributions and taxes paid by the employee, to arrive at a net amount due on the pay slip. It is also necessary to take into account any additions of overtime, night work or other payments. Therefore, you can reach a variable amount starting from 1,200 euros. Another calculation is provided for those working part-time.


CCNL Net Salary Part Time Trade

Those working in the commercial sector can also be employed part-time, or through a part-time contract. In this case, how much does the employee earn, based on the rules established by the CCNL? According to the rules, this pay must be assessed on the basis of the ratio between weekly and monthly hours reduced compared to full-time hours.

It is therefore necessary to calculate a specific hourly quota, or the daily quota e.g apply it to the actual amount of hours worked. In these cases, however, it must be taken into account that the RAL, i.e. the gross annual salary, also changes in relation to a full-time job.

This amount is significantly lower for those working part-time than for those working full-time. Consequently, it is very likely that the the employee falls under a different IRPEF rate and therefore pay less tax on the whole.

CCNL Trade Net Salary – FAQ

What changes between level 4 and 5 in CCNL Trade?

Moving from level 4 to level 5 in CCNL Commerce generally involves an increase in responsibilities and skills required. Employees at level 5 often manage more complex functions or oversee teams, which is reflected in higher pay than at level 4.

Which CCNL Pays Best?

Remuneration depends on various factors such as the industry, the specifics of the contract and the level of classification. It is not possible to say for sure which CCNL pays better overall as it varies based on these variables. CCNLs in highly specialized fields or positions of high responsibility tend to offer higher salaries.

How much does a level 2 marketer earn?

The salary of a 2nd level worker in the trade sector varies depending on various factors such as experience, region and company specifications. Generally, lower levels, such as 2nd level, have lower salaries than higher levels. For exact figures, it is necessary to consult the updated CCNL Commerce salary table

How is net salary calculated at CCNL Commerce?

To make the calculation, the gross amount must be taken into account, i.e. including taxes and levies. Find out all the details here.

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