Bright by day, dark by night: make up by Chiara Ferragni

sibright during the day, dark at night: Chiara Ferragni’s makeup has an unmistakable style to copy immediately!

Very bright during the day, with dark notes at night: the make up of Chiara Ferragni it’s a real lesson in beauty. The digital entrepreneur leaves nothing to chance, especially when it comes to makeup, and has a style that has become unmistakable over the years.

Chiara Ferragni’s signature beauty look varies between day and night, always focusing on eyes and pump, but natural lips. Everyone’s goal beauty displays Kiara’s? Enhance your look with the right eye shadow, bringing it to the fore. When playing with Vittoria and Leone or when she has a work meeting, Ferragni loves to enhance her blue irises with satin and shimmer shades, focusing on top colors such as copper, bronze or copper.

Bright shades that turn dark with the arrival of evening. In fact, Fedez’s wife is crazy about smokey eyes which she adores available in many versions, choosing not only black, but also lead or gray. The beauty of this makeup is that it gives off cat eyes and a sophisticated look, thanks to the shades created to perfection.

But how to copy Chiara Ferragni’s beauty look? The difference undoubtedly makes the preparation of the skin. In fact, before makeup, the influencer always puts a cream around the eye contour, useful to minimize any signs of fatigue, and a serum, ideal to give uniformity and brightness to the skin, but mainly to increase hold. of makeup.

For the base, Chiara focuses on a light and medium shade foundation and concealer used to brighten certain areas of the face. Plenty of room for blush, to be applied to the cheekbones to give a touch of color. And the eye makeup? During the day the influencer chooses bright makeup that makes her shine. To achieve this, select a set of marita eyes, with blurry and extremely blended effectin combination with bronze, gold or brown eye shadows.

At night, however, she prefers smokey eyes, in shades of black or chocolate. The important thing is that it is very blended, with an eyeliner line to emphasize the look even more. Mascara is the final touch, to be applied to both the lower and upper lash lines with a wonderful volumizing effect. Don’t forget the eyebrows sloppy and fluffynecessary to shift attention to gaze.

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