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doHow to sublimate your tan and get glowing, glowing skin is easier than you think, we’re not kidding.

When summer comes and the first rays of the sun appear, the first thought is to run to the beach to tan, to get that healthy California girl we love so much. The problem, however, is not only being able to tan in a healthy way (so with sun protection), but also that of get an even and bright color.

Perhaps the laziest this time will surrender to the need for a greater good: regular body exfoliation, simple scrubbing, is a necessary step to eliminate dead cells so that you have a perfect canvas and smooth skin to ensure that you acquireeven tan.

If you’re already exfoliating and using protection, you’re well on your way to getting the glow you want, but it’s still not enough. So yes, if in winter you can turn your head away and pretend you don’t see the skin on your legs, elbows and knees that is very dry but still covered, in summer you are inevitably more exposed and if neglect your duties. the result will not be long in coming.

It is true that the sun can give you a nice tan, but at the same time it dries the skin a lot, so it is important to use after sun after exposure. And a normal moisturizer is not enough: after-sun products contain specific active ingredients that help soften the skin, revitalize it by deeply hydrating it. That way it will be easier keep your tan for a long time.

Last but not least is the step to sublimate the tan. What it means to sublimate your tan? Simple, it means to make it perfect and shiny by using creams and body oils which make it naturally stand out thanks to golden particles and shimmering formulas.

And those who don’t go to the beach but don’t want to give up some color can find an excellent ally in self-tanners – which now guarantee a natural result – and combine them with sublimation oils. No one will dare think of one fake tan.

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