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AND It’s time to remind your body how much you love it: shut out the world, disconnect and take care of yourself.

For years i imposed standards of beauty they were monothematic: symmetrical faces, zero blemishes, smooth and soft baby-like skin and a toned and lean body.

We’ve pointed the finger and rebelled against the mainstream ideals of beauty that TV, magazines and social media have long served us, but the truth is, things don’t change unless we change them, because you can be sure that those with the power to do so he exploits by showing us an unreal and artificial beauty.

However, #bodypositive movements teach us and help us understand that we can be happy and content even if we don’t have body such as Victoria’s Secret models or curves of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Learn to love yourself and love your body – as normal as it is Incomplete may be the greatest gift we can give ourselves, as well as stop aspiring to be like those photoshopped photos, the result of extreme and dangerous diets and various plastic surgery procedures that thin, increase, trim, lift and sculpt the body.

Then each of us is free to do what we think, and if surgery is the way to eliminate a source of discomfort, then welcome: the important thing is not to become copycats with mass-produced breasts and backs.

Me time: a moment of care for yourself

Taking time for yourself is the best way to relax and pamper yourself and think about nothing but enjoying the moment. Yes, #Time with myself it’s time to spoil yourself by doing the things you love. You want to make some excessive monitoring or listen to music while you take care of your body? Do: it’s your time and only you exist and it will help you return to peace with yourself and remember yourself how much you love yourself and your bodyeven if it’s not that of a supermodel.

The hug kit

Luscious and fragrant body creams, scrubs that remove every last dead cell leaving you with soft and smooth skin, the joy of eliminating – only if you want to – every last shade of hair and relaxing bath salts and oils that leave us in a state of near nirvana.

Sephora Collection Dry Body Brush

Diptyque Citronelle & Geranium Summer Body Spray (lim.ed.)

Foreo Luna 4 body

The Supreme Temple of Health Nourishing and silky coconut body butter

Augustinu’s Bader The Body Lotion

Now for the Casa Parini La Notte Calming CBD Pillow Mist

Thermal Mud Body Treatment Terme di Saturnia

Serge Lutens Dans Le Bleu Qui Petille

Audrer The Ultimate Oil for body, face and hair

Body Paoma Huile Sublimante

Dermo28 Peptide Body Cream super nourishing

Compagnie de Provence Gommage Corps with shea butter

Scholl PediMask Nourishing

Sephora Collection Body Kit Argan

Phytorelax body butter that melts and nourishes coconut

Grand Hotel Terme di Comano Destress Detoxifying Path

The Beyond Beyond Yourself Abdominal Firming Serum

In AĆ©ras Animanuda Grounding Body Oil

Bakel Mint-Bodyscrub Renewing Body Scrub

Clarins Eau Dynamisante

Diego Dalla Palma Milan 0 Exfoliating Buttock Exfoliation

BluSpa of Is Serenas Badesi Resort Mediterranean Drain

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