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THE Biphasic sunscreens are sunscreens that contain two separate phases, an aqueous phase and an oily phase, which mix well and come together ready to use

Now (and finally) we are talking about everywhere protection factor: and this is a fact.

Nowadays, in fact, thanks to the abundance of information at our disposal and the widespread dissemination of news on the subject, the importance of sun protection It is a hotly debated topic that has achieved the relevance it deserves. SPF culture has actually seen a real boom in recent years—in contrast to the rampant tanning fanaticism that until recently dominated our skin’s safety—and now, thanks to the work of dermatologists and skin influencers, we know and have fully aware of the harmful effects and risks we face due to inappropriate exposure to the sun. Photoaging, spots and premature aging of the skin, sunburn, melanoma or solar keratosis are therefore only some of the side effects of uncontrolled exposure to the sun, which, however, can be avoided with the constant use of sunscreens that thanks to the increase in market demand, they have been developed in more and more diversified and new formulas, to meet the needs of the consumer. Among the proposals in the field of beauty, SPF in cream – spray and spread – those in gel, those in oil for the body are very popular and there are even formulas in oil for the face, but…have you ever heard of bi-phase solar?

What are Bi-Phase Solar Panels?

Biphasic sunscreens are SPFs that contain dtwo distinct phases identifiable by textures: an aqueous phase and an oily phase, which must be mixed well before use. Once merged, these two phases blend into one to perform the classic function of sun protection against the sun’s UV rays, and then divides again immediately after application. A bit like when you put oil and water in the same glass.

But not only that, the benefits of biphasic sunscreens are many: in addition to being SPF, they can also have specific properties that sublimate those of some care products, such as hydration, nourishment or freshness. A bit like a product halfway through a skin care product and SPF. In fact, there are often two-phase solar panels with the addition of antioxidant, revitalizing or soothing active ingredients and ingredients and, based on your choice, they will act to refresh, hydrate or relieve the skin from heat. Moreover, there is also another variety of bi-phase solar in the market, which It helps speed up and make the tan more even, in a perfect combination of melanin activator and sun protection. The reasons to indulge in biphasic sunscreens, however, do not end there: thanks to their texture consisting of a watery part and a non-water soluble part, they are very light on the skin. Their finish is fresh, invisible and untouchable, almost like a body wash – that leaves skin glowing like body oil – for consistency…but with 50 protection! So, while the oily phase protects you, the aqueous part hydrates and gives a refreshing boost on the skin. For this reason, biphasic sunscreens are perfect for all those people (and we bet that’s you too) who can’t stand creams or heavy textures, especially when it’s hot!


SVR, Sun Secure Eau Solaire Spf30 biodegradable for hypersensitive skin


Alma K, Light Bi-Phase Spray Spf 50


Rougj +, Biphasic Solar Spf30 With Melanin Activator


Isdin, Fotoprotector Hydro Oil SPF 30 with tanning and rejuvenating effect


Clarins, Solar Water Spray SPF50+


Decléor, Aloe Vera Suncare Bi-Phase Oil Spf30


Institut Esthederm, Adaptasun Hydra-Protective Sun Water Strong Sun Protection


Lancaster, Sun Beauty Sun Protective Water SPF 50 – Sun Protective Water


Caudalie, Very High Protection Sunscreen SPF50+


Pupa, Biphasic Solar Spf 50



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