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Heyfrom hairstyles to nail art, here are all the hottest beauty micro trends of the moment

Of the extras long in addition small.

Beauty, from the hair and new haircuts that Gen Z and celebrities love, to nail art and eyebrows, is going micro. Between bob cut and momager cut, bangs and skinny browsershere are all the mini trends for 2023.

Micro beauty: hair

Get ready to say goodbye to your long hair for a haircut that’s more than a few inches too long.

2023 is officially the year of the hair small: there are actually many bold cuts that have taken social media and celebrities by storm, who seem to have succumbed one by one to the glamorous and irreverent allure of a gorgeous bob. Starting fromExpensive box without scales and square in shape Chiara Ferragni was presented on the occasion of Sanremo 2023 and followed the very viral Blunt Bob Of Ms. Hailey Bieber revealed a few weeks ago on Instagram. But the list certainly doesn’t end here: from Boyfriend Bob to Zendaya in the chopped one of Jenna Ortegahelmets are experiencing their golden moment.

And what if you prefer something even more end? After the Momager Cut this is it for you: inspired by his pixie cut Kris Jenner and named in his honour, features almost shaved side lengths and a loose fringe/tuft, in a modern version of the classic women’s career cut.

Micro beauty: bangs

In addition to short hair, staying on the topic of hair, short bangs have also made their triumphant appearance among the trends of the moment! Mini And cheeky, micro bangs can be worn in a thousand different ways: straight, curtain, to the side, square or even. And, for the Hamlet-like doubt of “which shall I choose?” that torments you, take a look at those who chose the stars and let yourself be inspired: starting with the thousand transformations of Florence Pughnow an expert on how to always make it happen accurate and fresh every appearance of hair with bangs including Ashley Graham, Zoe Kravitz, Emma Corrin and many more.

Micro beauty: nails

After a antenna Of long fingernailswe are witnessing the return of nails with natural and short length, with the plus that they are also resistant to smartphones. Practices, but no less chic, it’s the perfect alternative for summer and when we’re on vacation and want to have a neat look without having to wait to rebuild them. When it comes to nail art, the possibilities are endless, as long as you pay attention respect the general harmony. Options vary from classic nude to some additional item to make it more fashionable – such as colorful French, small patterns or reverse french – to colored nails, going through all those TikTok trends of the moment, like glossy donut nails or milk bath nails.

Micro beauty: eyebrows

As Y2K trends return, so do they. So, yes, we are talking about thin eyebrows and yes, he is among us again. Popular during the 2000s and 90s, a not-so-glorious period for our brows, which did not escape the tweezers and excessive pickinghere we are again thanks to Gen Z and its aesthetics thin eyebrows. To this day we can say that the lesson has been learned and if you give in to this trend, we’re sure you won’t do any damage, so… why not experiment and have fun? Follow in the footsteps of Bella Hadid or Julia Fox and have fun.

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