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NoWe’ll never tire of repeating it: you don’t have to sell a kidney on the black market to buy quality makeup, skin care, and perfume. Here are our tips for being bougie while spending more than you can afford.

Let’s face it. It is possible to save on cosmetics, although the passion for beauty in general can be financially demanding. Keeping track of all the trends and all the products that go viral on TikTok can become financially demanding, often these are high-quality products, objectively more expensive than average, which inevitably tempt any beauty lover. Can we blame you? Absolutely not, but we want to help you with this passion of yours without having to find yourself eating bread and beauty blenders at the end of the month because you spent your entire perfume budget.

Saving on cosmetics & co: how to do it

If you are always on the hunt beauty deals, you can’t ignore sites like Amazon and Notino, where you can find everything from skin care to makeup, but also perfumes and at clearly advantageous prices. Do not forget to also visit the sections dedicated to the offers of perfumeries such as Sephora or Douglas, in addition to Lookfantastic, which often have wonderful surprises in store.

Where possible, sign up for newsletters and rewards programs that allow you to get even more benefits, read discounts, collect purchase credits.

Low cost skin care

We will never tire of repeating it: low cost does not mean poor quality. Of course, not all textures may be to your liking, but there are plenty of alternatives to have a complete routine without going into the red. There are no excuses for not having a good skincare routine, even if it’s minimal. Here you will find brands and products for minimum expenditure and maximum performance. In this case we suggest, if you have the opportunity, to go to the perfumeries that sell them and, at least for the first time, try them directly yourself. Otherwise, you are well aware that there are many reviews on social media, however we would like to emphasize once again that every skin is different and we do not all have the same needs or temperaments and you may not agree with what you trust to influence.

Makeup for little money

The choice of makeup is also very personal and depends on how much and how you wear makeup, your texture preferences – group creams, liquids or sheer, you hear me? – and the one you just can’t let go of. If the foundation you love costs €60 but it’s the only one that matches your skin, then go ahead and stock up when you find it on sale, same goes for mascara. If you have a fetish product and it’s expensive, you don’t necessarily have to give it up – we just can’t deprive ourselves of everything – but try to break even elsewhere, and if you don’t have to buy every new thing as soon as it’s launched, remember that you can live very well with one minimal and multitasking beauty case.

Low cost perfumes

Unfortunately, even the passion for fragrances is a passion that can prove deadly to the bank account, but fragrance is a part that is as invisible and intangible as it is necessary to complete the look.

At this point though, you have a few options. Either we go back to what was said above, that is to look for offers on specialized and reliable sites where you can find famous and commercial perfumes at a discount or, alternatively, you can try to broaden your horizons in specialized perfumeries. yes you read that right specialized perfumery. Don’t be intimidated by the word and don’t necessarily associate it with the adjective expensive: there are wonderful specialty perfumes at more than reasonable prices and they are wonderful, intense and long-lasting scents. In this case you have to do a little research, but it will definitely be worth it.

However, we would like to advise you against it crooks of perfumes: although very similar to the original, it will never have the same intensity, performance or duration, and you may have to vape it repeatedly during the day because it does not set and disappears in a few hours. Here you will find tips on how to choose your next perfume.

If you like to experiment and change often, e.g travel size fragrances oi discovery kit are the right ones for you: the right milliliters for a fairly reasonable cost

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