Beach hair: 10 hairstyles to beat the heat for summer

Mhalf updo, high ponytail, messy chignon or torchon with barrette, braids and wet look: styling your hair by the sea is simple and chic. Ideas to defy sweat and heat, without giving up a touch of glam

Summer temperatures make styling your hair a challenge, not to mention trying to keep your hair on the beach when sweat and heat combine with wind and salt. A perfect excuse for find hairstyles suitable for beach hair, which can combine fashion inspirations with the practicality of keeping hair out of the face while applying sunscreen. To return i concentrated for the beach funny, then, they think hair accessoriesto give a playful touch, but also very useful for strengthening the hairstyle long term. How to create the best hairstyles for the sea? Inspired by the stars, who have already succumbed to bikinis and days at the beach.

Hairstyles for seaside hair: the semi-updo

There are those who love to keep it loose hair even in the heat, but she can’t stand unruly locks in front of her face. So here it is half-harvested it becomes the ideal hairstyle. Half ponytails and half buns, for example, are perfect for keeping the balance between loose and pulled hair, even adding an unexpected lifting effect to the face.

The messy bun is the comfortable beach hairstyle

Practical and also suitable for keeping long hair off the face messy chignon it is the ideal ally to keep your hair organized and forget the heat. A casual and chic hairstyle, which should be done without many claims and left unkempt, to get a hot and lively look. A solution also suitable for curly and split hair thanks to its fake charm effortlesswhich allows you to keep the volume intact and collect the hair leaving it soft.

Hair by the sea: country braids

With a country and haute couture flavor at the same time, the braiding it is the perfect solution at the beach. In publication boxer braidsbut also gathered low, close to the neck, they become a perfect frame around the face and above all they will give you a very glam frieze.

Pigtails match the bob

In medium and short hair, taking advantage of the lengths is essential to create hairstyles that keep the hair long without losing originality. Model Elsa Hosk, for example, chooses i pigtailsfun hairstyle and childish charm.

The elegant and sophisticated chignon even on the beach

Transversal and versatile, this one punished chignon it can also be easily transported by sea. Its main feature is the drawn and elegant roots, which leave no room even for a tiny revolutionary lock. An ideal choice for those who really can’t stand messy hair and always demand sculpted hair gel and lacquer. The advantage of this hairstyle against the heat? It will easily accompany you until the aperitif.

Wet look on short hair at the beach

Managing hair on the beach, especially if it is short, can be quite problematic: mini lengths, in fact, do not allow overly imaginative hairstyles. A true classic, however, is theliquid effect. The wet lookIn fact, it allows you to give your hair a sophisticated style and, at the same time, remove the lengths from the face. A practical and fun mix to try on the beach or for a special night out.

Beach hair: the side braid

Its construction is very simple: you part it on the side and then braid your hair into one side braid, to be placed lightly on the shoulder. That way, you’ll be able to easily free your neck from the weight—and heat—that the lengths create, while also taking advantage of the braiding to avoid dealing with windblown or knotted hair.

The high ponytail for sporty hair

If you have i Long HairThe ponytail It has a charm of its own. This is probably the easiest hairstyle you can ever pull off, even at the beach and with wet hair. To do this, in fact, you simply need to secure the hair with a rubber band, leaving the lengths free to move. Be careful, however, not to create a tail that is too tight and, above all, for too long: the result could be traction alopecia.

Tie your hair by the sea with the headband

Recently back in fashion, the hairband is perfect for those who want to let their hair down, but don’t want to give up a little discipline. Choose black, white or colorindeed, the headband Replacing a much more classic headband, it becomes an irreplaceable ally for sunbathing on your face without having to worry about a gust of wind blowing your hair.

Harvesting flowers to make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean

The accessory is the best solution for they give personality to the hair without too much effort. In a twisted chignon, for example, a few flowers are enough to get a Caribbean hairstyle, suitable for slight movement of an otherwise very classic hairstyle.

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