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largeA nude manicure is a great classic that guarantees a flawless look in any occasion. We looked for some ideas to have flesh-colored nails, yes, but always on point.

The bare nails a great classic and goes perfectly with any type of look. For too long they have taken a back seat in favor of more imaginative nail art and nail polish colors that followed the seasonal trend.

Considered almost banal for a while, the flesh-colored nails they are experiencing a new moment of brilliance even among the ranks of those who have always preferred another kind of manicure.

No doubt thanks to the trends carried by TikTok and Instagram. Style old money it is no longer the privilege of those who truly have a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, but has become the uniform of upstart who prefer a whispery and timeless elegance to clothing and accessories with logos that shout from the rooftops and love so much upstart who literally want to throw their new status, real or assumed, in the faces of those who observe them.

In the past, elites were recognized by having a unique dress code: although there was nothing obvious to communicate their status to the masses. Their clothing consisted of codes of their exclusive privilege that could only be recognized by those of that elite who were part of it by birth.

So there you go old money aesthetics that is spreading on social media and refers not only to the clothes, but also to the type of makeup sported by this segment of the population – pure girl aesthetics does it tell you anything? – and the palette used. And this is where the manicure comes into play, which goes hand in hand with the rest of the look. Just as makeup is never overdone, nails are natural in most cases, sometimes covered in Flesh-colored enamel or even transparent that reveals the natural nail color.

Their modern version has gone viral thanks to characters like Hailey Bieber And Sophia Ritchie and their polished donut nails instead of lipgloss nails or vanilla chrome nails, reaching some peaks eccentricityso to speak, with ballerina nails or milk bath nails.

Bare nails

When it comes to bare nailsand yet, we must leave room for a wide range of shades and colors: in fact, just as it is with foundations and nude makeup that blend with the skin, even when we think of bare nails and to Flesh-colored enamel, we need to think about all skin colors. So we can’t believe that soft pink, peach or beige nail polish is enough, but also various taupe, milk chocolate and brown.

In 2013, Christian Louboutin had designed a collection of nude shoes, available in five different shades, so that they could be perfectly adapted to the color of the wearer’s skin. The idea came to him because one of his employees pointed out to him that the only shade of beige used up to that point – and which Louboutin considered naked – actually didn’t match her skin color, which was darker.

The same applies to the numerous shades of the foundation that take into account not only the color of the skin, but also its undertone. The concept of nude make-up – and apparently everything that comes with it, like the recent Latte Make-up that went viral on TikTok – is nothing new in recent years. Already in 1984, in the role of artistic director of Revlon, the genius ante litteram by Kevyn Aucoin had created The Naked, a makeup line that could satisfy the need for natural makeup for every skin tone (and undertone). Leading the way for companies like MAC, Laura Mercier and Fenty, Aucoin was inclusive even before inclusivity was a hot topic on the beauty landscape.

Nude manicure

The nude manicure is a bit like the little black dress of the nails: just like a little black dress, here Flesh-colored enamel fits everyone, regardless of the shape and length of the nail, even if it is very short.

Just like a black dress, there are different styles that can be pulled off, even if you choose to have natural nails. And of course let’s not forget the possibility to decorate them with nail art: bare nails are the perfect base to create imaginative designs and decorate them with crystals & stickers.

Bare gel nails

Another advantage of those who choose natural colored nails is that they don’t feel bound by the aesthetics of gel or semi-permanent touch-up, however choosing to do their nails with flesh colored gel can be a first step for anyone who wants to break the bad habit of nail biting.

Usually nail biters tend to procrastinate at this point, using excuses like the fact that their nails are too short and therefore don’t match well with the nail polish (colored though!) and that it gets ruined because they tend to bite their nails. . With gel this problem does not arise, on the contrary, nail polish protects the nail from any temptation, allowing it to grow. OK, it won’t be a super durable nail, but you have to start somewhere. Baby steps.

Ideas for bare nails

Give it to her super minimalistic nude nail art nude nailshere are some ideas to suggest to your trusted manicurists, starting from frosty effect to super shiny or micro glitter lacquering.

Short bare nails

Bare hand gel

Nude pink nails

Bare nails: the best nail polishes

From pale pink to minimal beige, passing through slightly pearlescent colors: here they are the best nude nail polishes that you should add to your collection.

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