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THEThe back-to-school countdown has officially begun. If you are looking for ideas for your make up look to show off in class, you are in the right place!

Back to school brings with it a mix of emotions and tensions: from waiting to discover the new class schedule to choosing the perfect outfit for first bell of the school year. This moment, however, also represents an opportunity to start a new chapter, full of emotions and goals to achieve. So why not do it accompanied by makeup that reflects your personality and makes you feel even more beautiful and confident?

We know, school is not the ideal place to experiment with complex and eccentric makeup, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up makeup altogether. If fancy lipsticks won’t fit in your backpack, we can still recreate Show the “second skin” effect. the focus on the eyes using mascara, eyeliner and nude eyeshadow palettes.

Seductive Look: The perfect cat eye for back to school

Simple and easy to achieve, this make up look has as focus your gaze. All you need is one pen eyeliner and volumizing mascara.

Start by drawing a thin line of eyeliner along your upper lash line. It will serve as a guide to give the shape to your ‘cat’s eye’. Then draw a slightly sloping line towards the end of your eyebrows. You can decide how long you want it to be, the important thing is to try to maintain it thin and precise.

Now, create a line connecting the tail of the cat’s eye to the upper lash line. The latter should gradually become thicker as you get closer to the inner corner of the eye. To add volume to your makeup, apply a layer of volumizing mascara to your lashes. Leave the rest of your face as natural as possible, in case of discoloration or redness just correct them with a concealer. Finally, apply a transparent gloss on your lips. And voilĂ ! The Returning to class will be a guaranteed success.

Natural and light makeup for back to school

For back to school, natural and light makeup is the perfect choice to feel fresh and radiant. This look is perfect for enhancing natural beauty and highlighting facial features, in style”I woke up like this”. Start with a light base, such as a BB cream or light foundation, that evens out the complexion without weighing the skin down.

Follow with a cream or powder bronzer to define the outline of your face. If you prefer, you can skip the eyeshadows altogether and use them instead the bronzer and on the eyelids to make your look more intensealternatively, just blend a brown eyeshadow all over the lid.

Define your lashes with a coat of mascara and add a touch of lip balm to hydrate them. This look is ideal for those who want to highlight their face without wearing too heavy makeup.

Smokey eye nude

Are you a fan of strong, dramatic eyes, but don’t know how to make them more wearable for the first day of school? Try a nude smokey eye!

Start by using an eye primer to create an even base and make the eyeshadows you’re going to blend stick better. The first step is to apply a beige eyeshadow all over the lid, once blended, switch to a dark brown shade or a gray cake to create depth to your smokey eye. Apply this shadow along the crease of the eye and on the outer lid.

With a blending brush, work the eyeshadow towards the inner part of the eye, creating a color gradient. The goal is to achieve a smooth transition between the most intense and the lightest color.

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