Average income in Italy: how much families earn

  • In 2022 the average family income in Italy ranged from about 27,000 to 38,000 euros per year.
  • The average income in Italy is higher in the north-east region, while it is significantly lower in the south and on the islands.
  • In the year 2022 there was an increase in the incomes of Italians compared to the previous period, after the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Italy faced a severe economic crisis caused by the consequences of the Covid-19 health emergency, but the average income in the country from 2021 it has increased, just as the percentage of the population that in previous years found itself in conditions of severe material and social deprivation has also decreased.

The The average Italian income varies depending on several factors, starting with the geographic area. Another important factor is the type of income received, whether from employment, self-employment or a pension. In this article we will see what the average income is in Italy, based on the official data of Istat, published in June 2023 in relation to the year 2022.

Average income in Italy: 2022 data

The National Institute of Statistics, ISTAT, has published data on average incomes received in Italy in June 20231. These refer to 2022 and highlight the differences compared to the previous year.

In general, among all types of income, Istat found that in 2021, families residing in Italy received a net income equal to an average of 33,798 euroswhich is roughly equivalent to 2,817 euros per month.

average income in Italy 2023

However, 2022 was the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic and plans were put in place to restart economic activities. These measures led to a increase in family income compared to 2021. In nominal terms growth was 3%, while in real terms it was 1%.

Certain items such as meal vouchers, non-monetary benefits and personal consumption were also taken into account in the income calculation.

It must be considered, in fact, that compared to the previous year, 2021 Median family income fell only in the South by -1.7%. On the contrary, they increased in the northeast by +3.3% and in the northwest by +2.5%, while remaining essentially unchanged in the center.

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The average earnings of Italian families

Area Income 2021 Income 2022
Northwest 36,018 euros 37,647 euros
Northeastern 36,418 euros 38,340 euros
Centre 33,837 euros 34,555 euros
South and Islands 27,053 euros 27,114 euros

Median household income increased in 2022 compared to the previous year. However, the Istat figures highlight the gap between families based on geographical area.

From here you can then get to average income in Italy equal to 33,798 euros in 2022higher than the 2021 average of €32,812.

However, it must be taken into account that the distribution of income in Italy remains deeply asymmetric, which leads us to the conclusion that the majority of families receive an income lower than the average amount.

About half of the families residing in Italy receive an income of less than 26,979 euros, so about 2,248 euros per month.

In terms of geographical areas, Families in the Northeast receive a higher incomeslightly higher than those in the Northwest, but significantly higher than the median income in the Center and South.

Average income in Italy by family type

Median income varies mostly by family type, and that’s where it matters distinguish couples with children from single-parent families.

Couples with children have an average income of 41,218 euros (about 3,435 euros per month). More specifically, families with three or more children receive an average income of around 42,290 euros, lower than that observed for couples with two children and slightly higher than those with only one child.

Instead, Single-parent families have an average income of 28,435 euroswhile 50% of the elderly living alone receive an income of 15,948 euros.

The couples without children They receive a median income of €27,569 if at least one of them is elderly while it is higher, around €35,000, for younger couples without children.

The average income of women is much lower (around 6,000 euros). families with foreigners compared to that of families composed only of Italians.

Overall, in 2022 household income from wage labor increased by 4.2% compared to 2021 while income from self-employment increased by 5.8%.

Average income from work

Based on statistics from the Labor Price Observatory 20222, the average RAL (Gross Annual Salary) in Italy is 30,284 euros.

Starting from this data, the average RAL varies according to the role it occupies. Let’s see in detail:

  • administrators: average RAL 103,418 euros.
  • executives: average RAL 55,632 euros.
  • employees: average RAL 32,174 euros.
  • employees: average RAL 25,522 euros.
average income of workers in Italy

The average income of a company employee also varies significantly depending on the type of contract. It is even necessary to examine whether or not only the thirteenth or the fourteenth is foreseen. In the case of a salary with a thirteenth, the net salary in Italy is around 1,800 euros for the workers. This rate is lower, however, for workers, as it stops at around 1,500 euros on average over 13 monthly payments.

The average wage over 14 months, however, is just under €1,700 for white-collar workers and around €1,400 for workers.

In contrast, the average salary of a manager is 4,400 euros net in 13 months and 4,100 euros in 14 months, while for directors the average salary over thirteen months is over 2,600 euros and after 14 months it drops to 2,400 euros.


Average self-employment income

Based on what was announced by the Ministry of Economy and Finance3The natural persons with VAT number who filed a return for the tax year 2021 is about 3.7 million.

From these statements it was possible to know that just under half of the subjects comply with the flat rate regime (about 1.7 million).

Flat-rate VAT holders achieved a taxable income of €25.2 billion, i.e. an average of €15,601. They therefore paid an additional tax (15% or 5% for the first five years of activity) equal to 3 billion euros, that is, an average of 1,874 euros.

According to data collected by the MEF, around 85% of Irpef taxpayers have mainly income from work or pensions. Only 6.4% of Irpef taxpayers have income derived from business activities or self-employment.

Average retirement income

average income Italy self-employed

Based on statistics from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, The average income from pensions in Italy is 18,990 euros nod.

Based on the INPS Observatory on pensions valid in 2022, the average monthly amount Pensions paid to private employees were 1,456.71 euro for old-age pensions. In contrast, disability pensions averaged €811.38 per month.

As regards, however, the average income of retired former self-employed and semi-dependent workersthe amount recognized monthly is equal to 989.22 euros, which drops to 671.48 euros for disability pensions.

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Average business income

Based on the partnership returns for the 2020 tax year are 723,337, the The average income declared by cooperatives is equal to 47,140 euros. Compared to 2019, this percentage decreased by 2.1%.

In contrast, the partnership returns for tax year 2021 disclosed a declared average income of 52,980 euros12.4% higher than 2020.

Average income in Italy – Frequently asked questions

What is the average income in Italy?

The average income in Italy was €33,798 in 2022, an increase compared to 2021. The average income is higher in the northwest while it is lower in the south and the islands.

What is the average income of a worker in Italy?

Employees earn an average of €25,000 per year and above, based on the role they hold, even earning over €100,000 in RAL for managers. The average RAL in Italy is 30,284 euros.

What is the average income of a self-employed person?

In 2022 the highest average income is from self-employment, over 60 thousand euros, while for individual businesses the average annual income is around 24,000 euros.

What is the average income of an Italian family?

With reference to 2022, we are talking about an average income of 33,798 euros in Italy for families. Discover all the official details here.

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