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Hdid you decide to become a brunette? Here are all the tips to follow

Hair color change e.g go from blonde to brown? Fall is the perfect time to do this! Even if the universally recognized truth is that blondes want to be brunettes and brunettes blondes, the autumn season, with its dominance of warm, inviting and deep shades, recalls dark colors and always manages to ignite something in us. that makes us want to dye our hair a beautiful shade darkness. However, before getting the color or making an appointment at the salon, there are some precautions to keep in mind that are important to success of this transformation.

Wait a while before painting

When returning from vacation, our hair probably brings with it all the damage caused to the fibers by salt, chlorine, seawater, the sun and various environmental pollutants (such as dryness, dullness, oilier skin, more brittleness and tendency to break and brittle ends). For this reason, before re-highlighting them with paint or anything else, it is important to leave them a few weeks (at least 3) of detoxification and restso that, with the help of treatments ad hoc and the weekly intensive masks, can recover their natural condition before undergoing a procedure again which – although minimal – is nevertheless ‘invasive’. Consequently, treat your hair with oil compresses, masks with every wash and treatments, ampoules and scalp massages: once you feel ready and notice an improvement, make an appointment at the salon to proceed with color.

Be careful with henna on bleached hair

Tempted to naturally darken your hair and do it yourself? The first permanent option that probably comes to mind is henna. Despite its great ability to dye light hair, however, start darkening bleached hair with henna, it is not a good idea. Although this natural plant-based dye that comes in the form of a pigment powder is ideal for coloring white and very light hair, when we approach hair that has been lightened through bleaching, could cause the color to shift towards unwanted green reflections. For this reason: either she is blonde, white or light brown it’s all natural, green light for henna; otherwise we recommend you go to a specialist salon and have a professional dye.

Avoid straighteners and stylers before coloring

As we said before, although relatively simple, tint – or a color change in general – is still one stressful process for hair. Therefore, avoid putting your hair under too much stress due to daily or frequent use of straighteners, curling irons, mermaid hair or perms and limit, as much as possible, use in the weeks leading up to the salon appointment.

Start with colorful masks

When any color change occurs in our hair of different tones, the product used and applied to the hair to darken it can, in rare cases, not “have enough hold”, causing it to slide in the lengths and absorb poorly. Then the hair will be discolored, dull and tend towards green. To prevent this “unwanted” reaction a bit, before proceeding directly to the color – from light to dark hair – you we recommend doing a few wash cycles with conditioner or colored masks of the shade you want to get to make the transition easier. Colored masks are actually rich in pigments that stick to the hair and, being ammonia-free, allow you to change color without damaging its structure and can be used often and as many times as we want, until the result we have satisfied us.

Trust a professional

Even if the transition from light to dark looks relatively easy, because it is believed that lightening hair is difficult, while going dark is not, there are a few points to be aware of: first of all, it is true that – in general – everyone we could darken our hair with a DIY dye at home and that 90% of the result would be satisfactory, but, what probably we could not get if we are beginners, it is a really natural and realistic result. In fact, the colors to be made at home are “monochrome” and, to obtain a mixture of reflections that imitate that of real hair, the intervention of a colorist, which would create differences between hues and shades depending on the regionslike on the sides or behind the head, really hard to do at home.

Consider going back to the salon a month after color

As we have already said, darkening your hair has its uses side effects (especially from bleached hair), which can discolour, turn green and fade see the previous blonde. For this reason, consider going to the salon to revive the color at least a second time after the first dye, so that as it layers over time it no longer drains after washing.

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