Apps for everyday life: 10 Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

Apps for everyday life

Digitalization has changed our lives. There is an online solution for everything from cheap assignment writing service UK style to translation services. All the applications are necessary nowadays to make life more comfortable because the whole nations now convert to modern platforms and modern technology. we do all activities with the help of updated technology if we run business so we get help from online applications that grow our business more. Today we discuss the best 10 apps for everyday life for a blogger.

If we are a student or a teacher, we have some different perspectives related to digitalization and technologies.

These apps would help you in your mundane tasks like help you find and explore more in terms of getting more benefits from the applications that are now inserted into your life. We also used to perform applications by using different methods of technology.

Some of the honorary mentions in the list are paid, and most of the apps are free. So, if you are looking to make your life easier, follow our Best 10 apps for everyday life.


If you are always concerned about your friends and family, you need to install Glympse on your mobile device. It is a GPS tracker that will keep you updated with the location of your loved ones.

However, you need to install this app and allow permission in the cell phone of the one you want to track. Although this app has chances of being misused, it has made parenting very easy in the 21st century.

Dark Sky

Tired of trusting pre-built weather apps on your mobile phone that lead to inaccurate news? Try Dark Sky. It is an incredibly accurate weather-predicting application that will tell you when things are about to get rough. A handy tool to have in your pocket if you live in unpredictable states of the USA where the weather changes faster than you can change clothes.


Forgetting things and then going back to finish tasks can be frustrating. In the digitalization era, people are so caught up in work that they don’t have time to remember things. Why not use an app for it then? Wanderlust can help you organize and keep track of your to-do list so that you never forget what you had to do,

Google Translate

Google translate is one of the most important apps for everyday life. Travel junkie but hate learning new languages? Don’t worry, with Google Translate; you can easily decipher what people are saying never to lose your way in a new city. Although the translation is not 100% accurate, it can help you get out of dire situations.


Don’t you hate it when you take a fantastic picture, but it won’t fit your WhatsApp profile picture? Well, you don’t have to smash your phone anymore. With Lidow, you can easily adjust your image to fit any size you want. The best part is that the app doesn’t crop or resize your picture.


Feeling depressed and don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with? Are social media too toxic for you? Now you can write what’s on your mind and set it afloat for people to finish your sentence. HaikuJam is an application that connects you with the world and lets you share your thoughts most poetically!

Google Drive

Data is the most precious thing in the world today. Therefore, it is best to travel with it at all times. Google Drive gives you free cloud storage where you can upload anything you want. Just connect with the internet and download your file anywhere. Google drive is synced with your Google account to download your content on any device you like, only by logging in through google!


The best replacement for your PayPal account is Venmo. The app is Uber friendly when it comes to splitting the bill and saving your share when buying a joint gift for an auspicious occasion. Venmo is also comparatively secure than Payoneer with the latest SSL security certificate.


Whether you are a writer or a professional business Grammarly is your go-to app for proofreading and editing. It can be logged into five devices, including your mobile phone and IPad. The app is extremely convenient for email drafting as well, so don’t be demoralized if you are not good in English.

True Bill

An actual bill is a fighter that will stand up against the cruelty of online subscriptions. Download the application, and True Bill will allow you to cancel all your subscriptions in one click. Moreover, the app would negotiate specific bills for you. Initially, these services are free, but if the app successfully scores a discount, it will charge you 40% of your savings.    

Wrapping It Up!

Digitalization has taken over our world, and it has become necessary to stay connected to the internet. Many applications can make your life easier, but these are the best ones. However, some of these are paid, and most of these are free.

So if you are looking to save your cash or digitally split the bill, these applications would make your life easier. In last, I have to say that there is no more space that we can live a life without these technologies in this modern world, and everybody accepted this fact of modernization and digitalization related to your use and its purpose. if you like our article about apps for everyday life please share your social wall.

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