An incredible medieval Scottish castle for sale for £25 million

The Dunbeath Stadium, set in a stunning seaside location and home to the magnificent 15th-century Dunbeath Castle, is for sale for £25m (€28.7m). The property was renovated in 1860 in the Scottish baronial style.

On the other hand, the environment offers an excellent landscape, with a wild river from its source to the outlet to the ocean that allows fishing salmon and sea trout. In addition, its green areas are home to pheasants and partridges.

Dunbeath Therefore, it is considered a paradise of marshes, river banks and coasts, as well as the ideal location for water sports and swimming in crystal clear waters. The estate also has cabins and other properties scattered throughout its vast outdoor spaces.

Overall, Dunbeath has 21 houses and cottages which offer accommodation and the possibility of seasonal rental. Most are built of stone and can provide an additional source of income for those purchasing the property.

The castle, the main property of the estate, is visible as soon as you enter the door, with a path leading to its door. Its main facade features two symmetrical turrets, conical roofs, walls with windows at the top, and a square tower with a crenellated parapet that honors its defensive origins. Everything is wrapped in a wonderful landscape where the North Sea reigns, along with a picturesque lighthouse on the Caithness coast.

As for the interior, it has large windows overlooking the sea as well thirteen bedrooms, eight of which could be considered major. Out of curiosity, everyone has the name of a naval battle on their doors. On the other hand, the second floor, accessed via an impressive spiral staircase, features two huge galleries. The property also has nine full bathrooms that follow the classic style of the rest of the castle.

In addition, the castle is also equipped with a attic which is accessed by a service staircase, also spiral, rising from the basement to the upper floor. In addition, there are many staircases hidden between its small towers and large walls.

It is considered a magnificent castle in harmony with the incredible gardens and grounds that surround it. He has two walled gardens on the sides extending for over 4,000 m2. All this, with an incredible view of the sea and its vast green areas, ideal for getting lost and disconnecting from the stressful life of the city.

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