An impressive design house in Mexico that combines basalt and walnut

The use of basalt is not as common as other building materials such as concrete, brick or limestone. However, It is becoming more and more common to find it in high-end and luxury design , especially in areas where it is abundant, such as volcanic regions. In these projects it is mainly used in cladding facades, floors, blocks, stairs and decorative elements. Its main features are durability and elegant appearance.

This volcanic rock is exactly one of the elements that give a distinctive personality to this imposing 1,000 m2 residence built in the city of Querétaro, Mexico. In its design they are highlighted by the warm walnut and dark basalt finishes. In fact, the name given to it by its creators, Mexicans Eduardo Reims and Andrea Maldonado, who belong to the architectural studio Reims 502, is Basaltic House.

The setting is enviable as the residence is set next to a bike path that surrounds a lake, on a plot of just over 1 square kilometer. Despite the location, the architects faced a great challenge in creating an interior which guarantees privacy for residents without compromising the impressive view. The goal was achieved by focusing on simplicity, reversing the position compared to the neighboring houses.

Into, the ground floor of the residence houses the private, family and entertainment areas which form the basis of the building. One side of the property accommodates four suites and a terrace. The veranda is surrounded by movable shutters consisting of Thin basalt bars that double as shutters and as a thermal shock absorber to reduce the need for air conditioning.

The upper floor houses all the common areas, such as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the terrace. These areas have been organized around a large garden and a swimming pool. The upstairs rooms were placed behind the perimeter of the house, on the park side, to introduce an extra level of privacy. The service areas were placed in the basement, with a side yard for natural lighting and ventilation.

The exterior of the house is also very interesting as it is clad in bands of strong and durable basalt stone, arranged in an interesting vertical pattern. However, the material changes, transforms into colorful walnut boards in the garage and driveway with rounded corners. Walnut is also present in the interiors, “creating an atmosphere of warmth and timelessness in your interiors”. Solar panels were integrated into the house for water heating, energy ventilation and water recycling, thus contributing to its overall sustainable performance, the study concluded.

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