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THE colors that make green eyes pop and the best choices for every eye/hair combination. Treasure it, because you won’t be able to live without it.

Bridal makeup for green eyes? If you’re about to take the big step and still haven’t decided which eyeshadow color to use, don’t worry, we’re here for you, ready to reveal the best palette that will make your green eyes stand out to the fullest.

But what are these colors then? Are there limits to using the palette? And what changes depending on hair color? We’re going to answer that and many other questions you’ve probably asked yourself.

Natural bridal makeup for green eyes

It is not always necessary to a wedding make up dramatic, indeed, makeup is often preferred natural which emphasizes the romantic mood of the event.

When it comes to his choice perfect eyeshadow color for green eyesthe first thing to do is to look at the color wheel or the professional color wheel that allows us to understand at a glance which colors are complementary to green eyes and therefore make them stand out to the maximum.

Looking at this wheel, we can immediately notice that the complementary colors for green eyes are all that it contains shades of pink and purple and when it comes to choosing the shadow palette for the perfect wedding makeup for green eyes, we will move between all those colors that contain pigments of this type, such as copper, bronze, purple and, of course, some shades of pink.

If purple seems too intense and dramatic for you, for a natural effect you will choose between the different shades of copper, bronze and brown in general, but also pink, lavender and berry, obviously also taking into account the color and tone of skin. and the color of the wedding dress.

The green or hazel eyes; they are great when combined with the various shades of nude eye shadows, which give a natural yet sophisticated look. However, all eyeshadows that contain blue undertones should be avoided as they make green eyes look dull.

Bridal makeup green eyes blonde hair

If you boast the combination of blonde hair and green eyes, your wedding makeup will focus on light and not too bright shades, such as bronze and gold: metallic shades are the best combination you can choose to enhance these features.

For green eyes and blonde hair, try the brown shades that will be able to enhance the look by giving shine to the eyes.

For a bolder bridal makeup, try a touch of eyeliner (black or brown) and if you prefer it more subtle, focus on all shades of pink.

Bridal makeup green eyes brown hair

Another great phenotype is green eyes and brown hair, which can be boosted in two ways. The first is for those who prefer natural bridal makeup and will therefore use eye shadows in shades of peach, lilac and pink.
Alternatively, if you want a more defined bridal makeup, you can experiment with a shade in shades of brown with strong tones that will lighten the look making it more intense or, alternatively, in different shades of purple.

Bridal makeup green eyes red hair

Here, the combination of green eyes and red hair is rare, but not impossible. The perfect bridal makeup for this gorgeous color combination uses colors that contain reddish undertones, but also metals such as bronze and copper, accompanied perhaps by black eyeliner, can bring out both the green of the order and the red of the hair, or alternatively , you may decide to explore the effects of orange, purple or even burgundy eye shadows.

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