After-sun: the best products and tips for a long-lasting tan

smalland for you, summer is synonymous with the sea and life at the beach means you can’t give up the after-sun. And now we will explain why.

Aftersun is the best ally of those who love a golden, shiny tan and want it to last a long time. We have already dispelled the myth according to which we all know that it is not true that with high sun protection you cannot tan, but thanks to sun cream we can get a healthy tan that lasts without side effects such as rashes and sunburn. .

The next step is what happens once you get back from the beach. However, showering and moisturizing cream is not enough as we do the rest of the year, because after exposure to the sun, the cream after itself is a necessary step for everyone and its use does not depend on your skin type or whether you tan or not. .

Sunscreen isn’t just a simple moisturizer in a seasonal package: moisturizer performs numerous functions that go far beyond moisturizing the skin, and now we’re going to explain what they are.

What is Aftersun for?

The fundamental rule for those exposed to the sun is take care of your skin before, during and after sun exposure. If in the before and during phase we focus on melanin-stimulating supplements and sunscreens, in the post-exposure phase we focus everything on after sun moisturizer.

But be careful, we say creambut in fact we can find after-sun products in different textures, such as gel, milk or balm: the texture changes, but the after-sun functions are the only ones suitable in summer, because they are much more suitable for the skin than those of a normal body moisturizer.

After sun exposure, the skin needs a product that has more than one function moisturizing and nourishingbut it also has to be soothing, refreshing, balancing and possibly an antioxidant, to neutralize the formation of free radicals due to the sun’s rays.

But don’t think that’s all we’re talking about after the sun for the bodybecause even the face has specific creams and masks for this period of the year after exposure to the sun and this will even more make you understand how important these specific products are.

What is the difference between aftersun and moisturizer?

If traditional body moisturizers are rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (read hyaluronic acid and fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9), after sun products are a crazy cocktail of active ingredients that perform different functions. Depending on the types you can find vitamin C or vitamin ANDboth with very high antioxidant power that neutralize both free radicals and collagen degradation, performing an anti-photoaging function.

It doesn’t exist then after sun cream which does not contain ingredients such as e.g aloe, calendula or chamomileto give just a few examples, with soothing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant action, to prevent redness and maintain skin health, conditio sine qua non for a long lasting tan.

Australian Gold Hemp Nation Cocoa Dreams

Moisturizing cream capable of prolonging and enhancing the tan thanks to DermaDark® Bronzer technology, even without sun exposure. The formula contains vitamins, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins and essential nutrients. Coconut, thanks to its high content of basic electrolytes, helps to hydrate and restore the water balance of the skin. Orange has an effective antioxidant effect, helping to neutralize environmental stress and at the same time promoting skin health.

Avène After Sun Repair Milk

After-sun rebuilding milk that guarantees 48 hours of hydration. The new formula has a thinner INCI and contains golden Jojoba oil, to restore the skin barrier, and Avène Thermal Spring Water, which offers a soothing, intense and immediate effect.

Caudalie Vinosun Protect Aftersun Repairing Milk

Repairs and soothes red skin after sun exposure, prolonging the tan by 2 weeks. Enriched with aloe vera extract, its texture offers an immediate feeling of freshness without being greasy and leaves the skin soft, hydrated and gently perfumed. The main ingredients are aloe vera extract, organic grape water and coconut oil, soothing, antioxidant and moisturizing.

Rilastil Sun System Regenerative and Soothing After Sun

After sun gel rejuvenator that intensely soothes the skin after sun exposure, restoring its natural softness and providing immediate relief. It gives immediate relief giving a pleasant feeling of freshness. Contains Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin with a moisturizing effect.

Dermolab After Sun Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream Gel

Its light and comfortable texture is easily absorbed without feeling heavy, gives an immediate refreshing effect and gives immediate relief to skin that is red or exposed to the sun for a long time. Enriched with Aloe Vera and DL ICE-CUBE ACTIVE, you can enhance the cooling effect by storing it in the refrigerator.

Twiga by Rougj+ Golden After Sun Mask

Fabric masks that are a real treat after exposure to the sun. Their innovative and refreshing formula offers a refreshing and soothing effect, nourishing irritated and red skin. Colloidal gold particles, combined with powerful antioxidant active ingredients, help to neutralize the signs of skin aging, giving your skin a youthful, bright and well-being look. The formula is rich in active ingredients such as colloidal gold, with anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Grape seed oil, which promotes collagen production. chamomile, mallow and calendula extract with anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant properties. numerous antioxidants such as macadamia oil and Rhodiola extract and highly nutritious cocoa butter.

Antos Moisturizing and Soothing After Sun Milk

Liquid and soothing moisturizing emulsion, ideal for application to the skin after exposure to the sun. Thanks to extracts of mallow, lime, calendula, aloe and chamomile, the cream produces an excellent refreshing and revitalizing effect, avoiding the unpleasant effect of “tight skin” after a day in the sun. Refreshing effect guaranteed by the presence of a drop of essential peppermint oil. Contains sweet almond and avocado oils and extracts of lime, calendula, aloe, chamomile and mallow.

Dear After Sun

After-sun face and body lotion suitable for all skin types, with a light and silky texture, with a strong soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging effect thanks to the presence of active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Apricot Oil. The formula is also enriched with Chamomile, Mallow and Melissa, with soothing and moisturizing properties, and Menthol, able to give a refreshing effect after a day in the sun. Vitamin E is guaranteed to have strong antioxidant power, helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and helps prevent skin aging. It also contains three precious oils, coconut oil, apricot oil and jojoba oil to enhance the emollient and anti-aging effect and help maintain skin elasticity.

Biofficina Toscana After Sun Tan Intensifier Milk

Soothing-intensive after-sun milk, moisturizing but light and easy to absorb. It contains a tanning enhancer consisting of a combination of sugars and hyaluronic acid, which gives uniformity by promoting the skin’s natural repair processes after sun exposure.
This active ingredient is combined with emollients and natural moisturizing agents, organic extracts of Tuscan helichrysum and bilberry from the Mediterranean scrub with soothing properties. With a soft and creamy texture, it leaves the skin hydrated, quenched and rejuvenated, giving a healthy, even and long-lasting tan.

Insìum In/Sun Instant Relief After Sun Cream Instant relief

A composition with a silky and enveloping texture that relieves the feeling of heat and redness promoting the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and giving soft and glowing skin. It restores hydration, helps prevent signs of aging and absorbs quickly without being greasy. Rich in antiaging and moisturizing and soothing agents that provide immediate relief after sun exposure. Contains sea chamomile extract, with action reddens and soothes; Hydrolyzed oat proteins and sodium gluconate, antiaging and moisturizing, which protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure. Helichrysum extracts and green tea are beneficial skin relief dehydrated and red; Menthol refreshing and Tocotrienols, Tocopherols and rosemary extract, antiaging and antioxidants.

Eucerin After Sun Sensitive Relief

After-sun cream-gel for face and body, especially effective for skin stressed by the sun and prone to sun allergies. The CELLULAR REPAIR system combines lycochalcone A and glycyrrhetinic acid which promotes the skin’s natural DNA repair mechanism.

Mediterranea Sun After Soothing Body Emulsion

Very light texture for this emulsion that contains bisabolol, moisturizing complex, tanning activator and vitamin E and has a moisturizing and soothing effect, ideal for an immediate feeling of freshness and relief.

Lierac Sunissime After Sun Serum SOS Anti-aging Repairer

Repairs the skin from photoaging, providing an intense soothing sensation thanks to witch hazel extract, which repairs damage caused by photoaging. A soothing sublimation complex containing Omega-3 & 9 (avocado oil), hyaluronic acid and tan-activating peptide, for an even tan and Cryo Effect technology that soothes the sensation of heat by reducing skin temperature.

Collistar Slow Moisturizing After Sun Gel-Cream

Enriched with the same biotechnological active ingredient found in the same sunscreen line, Sensamone, with a soothing effect and with shea butter and almond oil, the Soothing Moisturizing Gel-Cream guarantees long-lasting hydration and soft, silky skin. In addition, its light texture gives an immediate sensation of freshness and a delicate scent certified with an eco-label completes the formula. Ideal for face and body.

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