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TOd each “Esthetician” her own hairstyle, ready to discover it all?

I bet you also spend hours on TikTok scrolling through makeup and hairstyle videos. there is nothing more exciting and fun than searching for new trends that are crazing on social media to experiment with new colors and hairstyles.
Especially in the last few months, we have witnessed a lot “aesthetic” hairstyles that have gone viral in the Chinese app.
From flawless buns to elaborate braids, to ribbons and hair clips, these trends literally have has taken over our social feeds thanks to the numerous videos created by content creators and the appreciation it has garnered from the beauty community.
If you also want to show off your hair like a true “coquettish girl”, “E-girl” or fully immerse yourself in the 2YK style, you are in the right place!

What does “Aesthetics” mean?

Briefly explaining the meaning of this term is not easy, but to better understand it, it is necessary to take a step back in time, when Tumblr was the most used microblogging platform on the web.

At the time, Instagram was just starting out, with no reels or carousels, and users expressed their creativity by creating mini-websites, which today we might define as mood board 2.0 : full of glossy images, still lifes and small frames from movies or TV series.

These contents was a means to help users who visited these Tumblr mini-blogs understand the mood and feelings of those who created them. Although Tumblr is no longer as relevant today, the concept has been adapted and promoted on new social platforms such as TikTok, aiming to convey the same vibe and sensations.

Braids, the most viral and versatile hairstyle

Braids are definitely one of the most loved and popular hairstyles on TikTok. Versatile, feminine but above all very practicalthey allow you to always have your hair in order.

A favorite for recreating a look “Clean girl” is definitely Frenchvery easy to make and perfect to make your minimal look more glamorous and sophisticated.

If you love Jane Austen books and dream of living in a small house in the country, surrounded only by nature and your animals, the perfect braid for you is undoubtedly the “Milk braid”.

This hairstyle has become one of the most popular on TikTok to recreate the bucolic and nostalgic style characteristic of the ‘Cottagore aesthetic’.

The most versatile for recreating aesthetic hairstyles are undoubtedly the boxer braidstwo side braids starting from the forehead.

In addition to being easy to make, they adapt perfectly to numerous viral aesthetic trends on social media, ranging from “Dark Academia” geek vibes in a bolder 2000s style (2YK Aesthetic).

Hair tied back, every aesthetic has its own hairstyle

Crops are also having a moment of glory, as it turns out the “balletcore” aesthetic.
Inspired by the world of classical dance, this trend brought back a timeless classic: the high bun.

To do this, pull your hair into a high ponytail and wrap the rest of your hair around the base, securing it with bobby pins and hairspray. It’s a stylish look that suits everyone and adds a touch of class and sophistication to your style.

It was one of the most iconic hairstyles of the 90s, what are we talking about? From space buns!
Suitable for all hair types, this hair style features a double high chignon that, with the right outfit, goes perfectly with “E-girl aesthetics”.

Clips, ribbons and pegs

In addition to hairstyles, there are also several hair accessories that return to our beauty case to further enhance this viral aesthetic on TikTok.

From the classics pegs, strictly with turtle effect or in neutral shades, which are characteristic “Vanilla girl aesthetics” , on ribbons and clipsoften decorated with rhinestones and pearls, which are essential for creating girly and erotic hairstyles with style “Coquette”.

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