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Adolescence is a very delicate period of development that marks the transition to “adult” life. In this period of his existence, there are many changes, both physical and mental, that boys and girls have to deal with. For parents, this step is often complex to manage, and our articles and knowledge were created precisely with the aim of helping fathers and mothers deal with this phase profitably.

Eating disorders in adolescence: how to recognize and intervene

Vanessa Candelapsychologist specializing in neuroscience and neuropsychological rehabilitation

Symptoms are usually hidden or denied by the adolescent and may vary depending on the type of disorder. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating.

Depression in adolescence, how to recognize it and deal with it

Silvana Quantrinopsychologist and psychotherapist

depressed teenage girl

Instead of symptoms of depression in adolescence, it is more correct to talk about alarm bells that should lead parents to observe better, to listen to their children without tormenting them and without first predicting the word depression.

Teenage behaviors or “problems”?

Raffaele Mantegazzaeducator

Dealing with teenagers is not always easy for adults, also because this relationship always brings back memories of youth. So how do you deal with teenage problems (whether they’re real or not)? What to do when faced with youth behavior that is not always read?

Adolescence: when it begins and what changes it entails

Maria Luisa Zuccolopediatrician And Mariana Callegaripediatrician

Mother and teenage daughter

Adolescence involves several changes, both physical and behavioral, that lead boys and girls to transition from children to adults. A delicate moment, which parents and children must face consciously

Adolescence and perception of time

Valentina Alice Tomasellidevelopmental psychotherapist

Child balancing on a log

The relationship to time is central to identity formation and changes over the course of life. Let’s see what happens in adolescence and how to support our children in this not always easy period

First period: let’s talk about it!

Alessandra Pupomidwife

Sanitary napkin for menstruation

In many cultures, the first menstrual period is a moment of celebration and sharing, marking the transition from girl to woman. In our society, however, it is sometimes surrounded by a climate of secrecy, secrecy and shame

Adolescence: not only conflicts between parents and children

Giuseppe Sparnaccipsychotherapist

A teenager talks to his father, without confrontation

Is typical adolescent conflict biologically determined? It is actually more of a socio-cultural construct that can be weakened if approached without prejudice

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