A magnificent 1500s palace in Grottaglie’s historic center is for sale for 1.5 million

On idealista you can find the announcement of a wonderful historic building, dating back to 1500, in the heart of historic center of Grottaglie. It was known as the palace of the “Second Borns” because it was where the family of the apprentices of the feudal lords lived. The asking price is one and a half million euros.

The building is on two levels, ground floor and main floor, with a large panoramic terrace and a magnificent entrance hall with an inner courtyard. The construction of the building continued over time until it took its current form, typical of the Neapolitan school of the 18th century, with a large entrance followed by a courtyard with a staircase leading to the portico and the upper floor.

The main and two side facades are in Baroque style, with fine rose windows, stone balconies and an important entrance gate. The Palace, immersed in the ancient alleyways and the warm light of the Apulian stone, retains all the charm of its ancient grandeur. In fact, during the renovation, the original floors, interior wooden doors, with imposing carved frames and magnificent eighteenth century windows were preserved.

An elegant door surmounted by a characteristic Apotropaic mask (used to keep evil spirits away from the house) leads to the grand entrance on the ground floor, overlooked by several rooms, some of which have further independent access from the street, decorated with typical astral vaults skillfully maintained. At the end of the entrance a lovely courtyard encloses the staircase leading to the first floor apartment.

The first floor or main floor preserves the historic layout of the building and develops into a series of large and bright rooms, almost all connected to each other, which culminate in the magnificent central hall, characterized by a large astral dome, supported by semi -columns and flanked by two small cross vaults.

Most of the rooms on the main floor have magnificent baroque doors, decorated with large and imposing frames. Even the windows of the reception rooms, located on the street front of the building, have large windows that reflect the decoration of the doors.

Also on the first floor there is a portico that faces the courtyard and that leads on one side to a small warehouse that was once used as a dovecote and on the other to the staircase that leads to the terrace that offers an evocative view of the entire historic center.

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