10 European cities that are real Christmas cards

  • Colmar, France
  • Burges, Belgium
  • Prague Czech Republic
  • Bergen, Norway
  • St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • North Shields, England
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

LARGE’Christmas atmosphere it has the power to make even long walks under the frozen winter sky enjoyable.

Every shop window, square and street in the weeks leading up Christmas in fact it is full of lights and magic.

also trips made during the Christmas period they have something special because the cities are full of unique colors and aromas and resemble postcards.

So here 10 European cities – Capitals or smaller centers – worth visiting at Christmas time.


Perhaps more than any other, the Alsace city shows all its beauty at Christmas.

Colmar’s Christmas markets – which invade the center – are actually famous around the world. And the houses of a typical Renaissance village, with colorful walls, festively decorated, multiply their charm.


Bruges Christmas

Another medieval town where the typical shops and chocolate factory allow you to breathe – in the weeks leading up to Christmas – all the festive air.

Many markets invade the city, the most famous being in the Markt, the square near the famous Belfort bell tower, symbol of the city.

christmas markets-prague_2

The art nouveau style of Prague, in which baroque buildings also stand out from time to time, acquires under its snow December a special charm.

And the characteristic Christmas markets, located in Stare Mesto (Old Town) Square, are among the oldest in Europe.

Oslo Bergen

If we talk about a Christmas card we can’t help but think of a snowy landscape. And what better example than the Norwegian fjords?

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and is also the departure point for the Flamsbana, the panoramic railway that crosses all the fjords.

Christmas time browsing is especially exciting.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

St. Gallen
St. Gallen

A city famous above all for its lace, in the weeks before Christmas it manages to be particularly beautiful.

In fact, on the first Sunday of Advent, the lights of the Christmas tree in front of the Abbey of San Gallo are lit and the typical markets are inaugurated that continue until Epiphany.


East Princess Street Garden, home to Edinburgh’s traditional Christmas markets, becomes a veritable hub of events during the Advent weeks.

Between concerts, stands and the ice rink, the city comes alive and is colored with festive hues. And for the children to visit is the large Santa Claus village that is built every year for the occasion.

North Shields, England

North Shields, England
North Shields

A small English town of just over 10,000 inhabitants that, at Christmas time, transforms into a Dickens-style village.

Between traditional sweet stalls, Christmas carols, period costumes and lots of lights, North Shields lets you take a dip in Christmas past, just like in one of the famous chapters of A Christmas Carol.


The capital of Latvia is a city rich in history and art, particularly Gothic architecture, perfect for a weekend away all year round.

During the Christmas season, however, a trip to Riga is particularly interesting: in addition to visiting the typical Christmas fair – with stands, stalls, sweets and mulled wine – you can walk to the town hall square, where there is a plaque for the memory of it. In this very place, the first Christmas tree in history was invented and decorated.

Utrecht, Netherlands


If Christmas markets and lights are your passion, the perfect city for you is Utrecht in the Netherlands. And it, like Amsterdam, is criss-crossed by canals and easy to get around – even in winter – by bike.

The cold? We fight with mulled wine from the stalls in the center.

Ljubljana Christmas

The historic center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a mixture of various architectural styles dating from different periods of construction.

At Christmas time, seeing so many different buildings, festively decorated, the city makes a small bonbon full of light, which is worth visiting.

In the markets, in addition to souvenirs and Christmas items, you can also find many characteristic culinary products of the city.

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